Monday, August 15, 2011

And so it begins...

Yes.  Today was our first day of school!  I must say my kids crack me up.  Idients and Terps.  These are their made-up names for themselves as barbarians.  (We were learning about the fall of the Roman Empire- Huns, Visigoths, etc, and of course the Idients and Terps).  You had to be there.  But they both impressed me with how much they remembered from where we left off last year and how much they can find on the map still. 

We kind of fizzled out last year since I had to do the food for girls camp right when school was ending, however for their final project the kids "published" their own newsletter and delivered it to all our neighbors.  It was very informative; the kind of must read news you can't live without from a 1st and 2nd grader.  Someday I'll get it up here.

We've been preparing for weeks now and though our schedule will always need tweaking since I have a baby whose nap times vary, and other interruptions to our days like speech therapy and piano, but I feel pretty good.  Okay well, in actuality, there's a lot of stuff I can't figure out how to get to , but I had a strong feeling that I should continue to home school this year, so I am trusting it'll work out.  Pat gave us all blessings last night and now we just do our best.

I noticed that things don't go well if I don't get enough ME time and time with Pat.  So I'm waking up at 5am everyday to study scriptures with him before he leaves for work.  Then I'm hoping I have from 6-7am to exercise ALONE without a baby awake, but that's really hopeful.  There's so much I want to do!

Still trying to figure out how to fit in a few other things into our collective schedule... it's not easy.
And soccer is starting soon.  Sam has decided to try playing again after taking 2 years off, and I really hope he has fun.  He'll have two friends from church on his team!  Evan and Dallas are playing too.   Busy, busy, busy.  Pat is coaching again- Sam's team this time.

So here's a big catch up on some of what we've been up to.

Busy girl.  Update: Just had her 18mo appointment and she is 25% for height which I was shocked about because everyone always says how tall she looks, and she has not really gained any weight since the last visit 6 months ago.  The Doc said he knew why- she was the busiest kid he had ever seen!  She climbed on and off the exam table about 20 times during our visit, opened up all the drawers, etc.  He said she's really smart and not to worry- she'll start talking soon.

This is a home-made Wii remote.  I pulled on the cord and it said something along the lines of If you let us play Wii... 

One of the gorgeous dresses from Aunt Steph.

Ln interrupted the boys puppet show.

Destined for the theater.

I fancied myself a seamstress, able to make these supposedly incredibly easy shorts.  I gave up a year and a half later, and mailed the cut out material to my MIL (before they grew out of them!) and she whipped them out and back to me.  There are more than these but this picture shows you the different fabrics the boys picked.  The love them, and we are so thankful to Bren'mama for saving the day!

Can I call this her first ponytail?

Don't fight a tree.  You'll lose.

A year and a half old and so cute!  She is taking her sweet time talking though and I'm beginning to get worried!  She can say Mama, but refuses to do it.  Other than that, she's not talking.

Sam could never decide what he wanted on his cake, so I did a generic one.  You're cool if you know where the quote is from.  (We have the power, so can you!)

I cannot believe Sam is 7.  Really.    

We're still letting the boys sleep in the tent outside as much as they want since once winter sets in, it's impossible to step outdoors for months and months...

Our little garden.  Better this year than last.  Credit goes all to Pat.  I've spent a total of about 1/2 hour in the garden this year.  Anybody need some zucchini?

I'm trying to get to at least 50% of what I eat being raw.  Pat keeps trying to feed me raw meat, but I MEAN raw vegetables!  The garden has certainly been helpful.     Bye!

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