Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hiking the W

I carpool with my neighbor and a few months ago he finally got me into geocaching.  This is a game where someone hides some type of container, posts the latitude and longitude and possibly some type of hint and you go and try to find it.  Once you find it you can log your find on  The boys and I like it because we get to hike and when we get there the boys think it's fun to find some type of hidden treasure.

Mike, my neighbor who was going for his one thousandth find this last weekend, picked a suitably memorable geocache to find and invited me to come along.  Three miles, a little over three thousand feet in elevation gain and lots of fun to be had.  The cache was called "The W" and from its description:

The Knife Edge is aptly named, as it drops off hundreds of feet on either side. Only people who are very confident of their scrambling abilities, with respect for but not a fear of heights, should attempt this. The W is also an appropriate name, as it is two large notches in the Knife Edge, which are clearly visible from below.

Oh...did I mention, I'm pretty scared of heights.  I went on the hike expecting to sit out once we got to the Knife Edge.  There was never any one good place to stop, it got scarier and scarier the further we went on so slowly that I just never stopped.  When we were about 200 feet from our goal I was absolutely terrified but I'd come so far and was not stopping at that point.  I just ignored what my eyes were telling me and kept them looking closely at the rocks in front of me.

The goal from the bottom of the mountain, the "W" is circled in red.

Mike and Matthew on the way down, yikes...can't believe I'd been up there.

Me and Matthew on the way up.

These are two videos that Mike got, one on the way up and the second at our goal.  In the second video you can really see where my fear of heights had kicked in and I had to have two hands and both feet touching something so I didn't completely panic.  Despite that fear it was actually a ton of fun.  As a side note my username on the geocaching website is "paboperfecto", Mike refers to me as that at least once in the videos.


For those who are interested in these types of things here is the hike profile downloaded from one of the GPS units we had along with us:


Salinas family said...

Ummm......this is not a sport for chickens. And I'm chicken through and through! Can't even imagine doing this!

Pat said...

Ha...this one was very...extreme. There are hundreds in Albuquerque that are easy to get. There are tons in the mountain that are no more work than a half mile walk. We grabbed six other geocaches on the way to and from the main goal, most of which were right off the main trail.