Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tired of the same old dinners?

After reading Stone Soup to the kids, Sam said, "Is that real?"
I said, "Of course!"

FYI- The book is about some hungry travelers who finally arrive at a town, but no one will share any food with them.  They pretend to not be worried as they are planning on making some stone soup to eat.  Stone soup?  This gets the villagers curious.   The stones boil in the pot and the travelers taste it and say how delicious it is.   BUT it would be even better with a little salt.  Then a little bit of herbs.  Then some onion and carrots.   Then meat and potatoes and so forth.   The villagers become so anxious to taste the stone soup that they gladly provide the additional things that go into the soup and in the end it turns out delicious and the travelers and villagers have a great feast together. 

So since the kids were skeptical, I told them to go and get some stones and we'd make stone soup.

We looked at the book and did it exactly how it read.   Water, rocks, bring to a boil.

Then each ingredient in order including throwing in red potatoes WHOLE just like they did in the book. 

After two hours simmering we ate stone soup for dinner.    It was delicious!!    The potatoes and meat were buttery soft.  Sam thought the stones had melted into the soup, but I showed them they were still there.  They were just in there for flavor, I said.

So if you're wondering what to make for dinner tonight...

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