Wednesday, September 14, 2011

4th Annual Chili Cook-off

Since this is the 4th year we have been in charge of the chili cook-off via Pat's Elders Quorum calling, I figured I'd better actually document it with some pictures for once.  The first two years were at the Shepherds home and these last two years we had it at the Nuckols.  I think it was the best year of all.  We've had bigger numbers some years, and it's always fun, but this year it was so relaxed.  I made french bread, corn bread and Pat made a dutch oven dessert while we were there (apple crisp).  Everyone brought chili or some side dish or dessert.  We didn't do the kids sack races and relay races just because we were tired from three soccer games that morning.  But still everyone played and had a grand time.  This year we just didn't stress at all and I should really do that more often. 

Waiting for people to arrive.  Ln loved the grass.  So did the missionaries.  They got down and rolled around on it.  You never knew how much you appreciate grass until you've lived somewhere where there's hardly any. This is our Bishop's house.

The chili's start arriving.


Ln loved this swing and stayed put pretty much the whole night.

Pat's favorite-the Woodards corn cakes.  My favorite-the Underwoods jalapeno poppers.

Ultimate Frisbee- we have a great group of energetic players in the ward.

Winding down and cleaning up- I wish my yard looked like this!
I have to say I am so thankful for the opportunities the church gives us to meet and make friends.  It is a privilege to know so many great people.  I was just struck recently with all the selfless service given in the church as I went with the youth to the temple.  Not only were the youth serving when they could have been home doing homework, playing volleyball or other after school activities, but all the leaders who gave their time to carpool them down there and serve in the temple after a long days work, giving up personal time, or time with their families.  Temple work is amazing.  I was just called to be a leader with the young women, and I feel so happy that I get to go on trips like this.  At first I was nervous, (well I guess I still am) because I really like primary and don't know how I'll do with teenagers.  But I got to really love working with the Beehives (12-13 year old girls) for the last 2 months, and was sad that they suddenly changed me again, but now I get to do activities with all the ages and I'm really excited! I love the gospel of Jesus Christ and I have a testimony of the wonderful blessings that come with service, and I hope that we can all grow closer to the Lord and to one another.

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