Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Life recently

I'm starting a music group, and Dallas said, "I want to be in your band."
I said, "Hmmm... I'm not sure what you could play since you can't carry around a piano"
Then the idea of shakers came to my head,  "Maybe you could shake something!"
And not missing a beat Dallas said, "Yeah, like my butt."

 Isn't E great?  He's been watching Dallas diagram sentences I guess, and I came in and saw this.  Pretty good for a new kindergardener (sp?).

Currently, the sister in our house, goes into the brother's underwear drawer and helps herself.  Usually she just pulls them all out and makes a big mess.  This time she thought they made pretty good hats.

This is Sam at a baseball game.  Pat got two free tickets from a co-worker and free food vouchers so Sam got to eat real game food.  You know, healthy stuff like hot dogs and cotton candy and kettle corn.

Lately, I've been getting really frustrated at all the special food Pat gets through his work.  He was at a meeting recently and someone had ordered Chicago style pizza FROM CHICAGO!   He brought home a piece for me to try since I had no idea what it was, and it was sooooo good.   Then I went online to try to make my own.  You make it in a round cake pan so it's deep, but it's really only high since the bottom is thin.  Then you layer cheese, pepperoni and sauce ON TOP.  Mine turned out okay.  I didn't want the white bread/cornbread crust so I used whole wheat.  Wasn't quite the same.

I don't think a prettier picture of our town has ever been taken.  This is a new field they put in and here is Pat coaching soccor.  Sam is in orange and his best friend Tyler is in blue looking at the camera.

Evan very proud of himself for folding his laundry and putting it away.

Dallas stuck this note to Ln's head and came to me and said, "I found a way to make Ln stop crying!" 

Boys proud of their "stained glass" artwork.
After getting home from the temple the other night, the boys all met me and told on their dad.  Apparently Pat had not cleaned up dinner off the table and Ln had gotten up there while he was distracted and dumped a huge tupperware of homemade syrup over her head.  She was scared to death, her face covered in syrup, and the mess was enormous.  Pat mopped twice, and after I got home I mopped again and still I find syrup everywhere- on the curtains, chairs, in my bathroom where he took her to bathe her, and all day today my baby smelled very maple-y.
Today Sam and Evan had doctor visits.  Evan was as sweet and smiley as can be and Sam was... well... on his dark side.  He let the nurse take his height, weight, pulse, bp, etc, but once the doctor came in he refused to even sit on the table.  He was so rude that it took everything in me not to spank him and threaten him with his life.  I'm not necessarily against spanking, but I knew it wouldn't help.   What a frustrating day.  Uuugghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

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