Saturday, September 3, 2011

Thankful post!

I'm thankful for the great date that I had with my husband a couple weeks ago.
I went out running in the morning like I usually do on Saturdays and when I got back he'd arranged for Samantha to come over and babysit and I got so excited!
He took me to a vegan/raw foods restaurant.  They did cook some stuff though.  I got an Indian plate that was okay, and Pat got the most disgusting thing I've ever seen.  It was shepherds pie made with lentils instead of meat and sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes and lots of green stuff in it too.  It was mostly disgusting though because of how they presented it.  It's hard to describe...Pat hates yams/sweet potatoes but he ate almost all of it!
Which reminds me that we had a family over for dinner that Pat invited last minute and so I made what I had which turned out to be yam mashed potatoes and a zucchini casserole, and pork chops.   It all turned out really awful.  My friend Melinda, well lets just say she is a great cook and she hates vegetables so this was a trial for her.   It was hilarious.  Man that dinner sucked.  She finally gave up trying to be polite and said it was prison food.   She didn't offend me, since we were all laughing about it.  You know, I'm usually a really good cook, but I experiment a lot and things usually go wrong when I experiment on guests.  Luckily she brought dessert so people did get to eat something.   I'm glad people love me anyway.  Although I watched a chef make those yam mashed potatoes on T.V. and they said how good they were and so I was mad that they didn't turn out.  Especially since those yams were for me to eat raw, and I sacrificed them to the last minute dinner for nothing!
Back to our date:
Then we had to go get a water softener since ours broke.  Don't you love buying really expensive appliances?
Then we stopped at Kohl's since Pat needed some shirts and they had some necklaces on clearance for under 5 bucks so I got a few that I liked.  Yep, Karisa's going to look spiffy-er on Sundays.   Anyway, it was a great day!

Today I listened to Andrea Bocelli's Canto de la Terra and burst into tears since it was so beautiful.  All the kids freaked out and Pat laughed at me since he knows me and how much I love music.  I'm so thankful for music.

Sam had his friend Tyler spend the night last night and these two seriously have so much fun together.  I only wish Dallas had a friend like that.  They couldn't stop laughing.  It was great.

Later after we dropped off his friend today we ran by the store and Sam was rude or not helpful to two people.  I was so sad.   I talked to him a lot about it, worrying that my children are turning out home-school freaky, you know.
I don't know what happened to Sam, especially since I had chewed him out, but all evening he could not stop saying how much he loves me.... kissing me, hugging me.   He would never walk away.  He would just hug again and again and say I love you again and again, brushing my hair, etc.  It's not strange for him to do that stuff, but tonight he just seemed overwhelmed with love for me, and of course I appreciated it so much!  Strange though.  I wonder what happened?

Then I laughed really hard because Pat started to get jealous and went begging hugs from him.
He told him we're going to go on a walk tomorrow.  All the boys were excited, but since it's on the edge of the highest mountain overlooking Albuquerque, Dallas said, "I wish they would put a fence up.  My hands are getting sweaty."
He's so funny.  He beat me in chess today.  Like usual.

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