Thursday, October 6, 2011

10 Commandment Rock

"In the middle of the lonely desert, rests a long forgotten stone deep in the heart of the New Mexico. The language, written in anicent Palo Hebrew, records the very words of the Ten Commandments. To date no one knows how long this stone has been there, or how it got there. Yet over the years, this stone has been visited by over 75 different Bible Scholars. All Bible Scholars have concluded that this stone is not a fake, but indeed real and authentic." Underwood, L. Lyle

Last week we went on a field trip with our home school group out to Indian lands to see this large boulder weighing about 80 tons.   Some believe that it was college students who came here and copied the inscription from a book, but I find that doubtful personally because it's in the middle of nowhere and would have taken so much work to do that.  But who knows.  That's why it's called a mystery rock.  Some firmly believe it is 4000 years old, others 2,500-2000 years old.  Since there's no fee to go see it, and it cannot be moved to a museum, people have been visiting it, some destroying it, some to clean it, so apparently it cannot be tested with accuracy.

"A letter group resembling the tetragrammation YHWH, or "Yahweh," makes four appearances. The stone is controversial in that some claim the inscription is Pre-Columbian, and therefore proof of early Semitic contact with the Americas. The first recorded mention of the stone is in 1933, when professor Frank Hibben, an archaeologist from the UNM, saw it. Hibben was led to the stone by an unnamed guide who claimed to have found it as a boy in the 1880s. The 1880s date of discovery is important to those who believe that the stone was inscribed by a lost tribe of Israel. The Paleo-Hebrew script is practically identical to the Phoenician script, which was known at the time, thus not precluding the possibility of fraud."- copied from Wikipedia

The lady who showed it to us told us that there used to be Irish living at this mountain and Israelites living there back from the time of Kind David in the Old Testament, but I have no idea how she knew that.  She was very old and hard to understand.  I'm thinking of the Book of Mormon and how we know that many people were lead out of the Old World at various times to come here to the New World.  She has invited a lot of scholars to come and see it and one who was knowledgeable of Israelite things said, "There ought to be an alter on this mountain somewhere."    They looked and eventually found it- only about a foot high with more of this ancient writing inscribed on top.  However as I said she was old and hard to understand, and though we climbed the whole mountain and looked, we would have never found it without someone to show it to us.   Too bad.  Here's pic's.

Driving in

Weird bug

Hiking up a short distance

And we're there!  The rock has rolled some, so the writing used to go up and down like columns.  Also you can see someone scratched out the top line.

Me and my big hat.

D&S off on their own

Sometimes I can't believe these are my kids!

Heading up to try to find the alter.

Looking out over the valley about halfway up

There were some walls built up here on the mountain.  Were they lookouts?  Karisa believes it was the Irish.

We saw lots of trains pass by.  This is in Los Lunas only about 1/2 hour from Albuquerque.  Isn't the valley beautiful?  For a desert?

Some people stay on the path, and others take the dangerous way- while holding a baby.

She's a trooper

Can you see the home D & S found for themselves?
This activity was a fun day of hiking and Pat was able to come along and the kids just memorized the 10 commandments so it fit perfect!

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