Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Food experiments

I sometimes think I should just start a food only blog... I love experimenting with food!  If you think I sound kinda like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with my love of sinful food vs healthy food, well you're right.  I am split in half, both sides fighting against one another.  One side is evil, but I'm so good at it, it's hard to give up.  Actually my goal is just to control it to very limited amounts.

Pat made the most delicious green chili alfredo sauce!  Creamy and SPICY!  It's a New Mexico thing.

These are Polish cookies called Kolachki.  The cookie is the strangest cookie recipe ever (yeast, sour cream) and it tasted like pie crust but light and buttery,and then topped with jam and powdered sugar frosting.  It is heaven.  I made some with just cinnamon and sugar and they are so sinfully good!  Seriously, you can't eat just one.

I love turkey burgers way more than regular ones because meat grosses me out so much.  Pat doesn't, but after I made these he said that was the best turkey burger he'd ever had.  We hardly ever go out to eat, and there's no place to order in where we live so we've gotten good at cooking for ourselves.  Our favorite burgers, when we really want to splurge, are topped with bacon and a fried egg with a mostly runny yolk, and everything else you like on burgers. 

Sprouted bread, tuna, and home grown sprouts on top.  Great lunch!

This is a recipe from The Pioneer Woman Cooks blog.  Eggplant and tomato pizza (mozz cheese/no sauce).  I used my french bread recipe for the crust and it couldn't have been more perfect- probably the best pizza I've ever made!

You know you're in NM...  This is brown rice with chicken gravy which has nothing to do with NM, but on top, the wee bit of roasted green chili- has everything to do with NM.   I laughed when I saw that I had made my lunch up this way.  The hotter it is, the better it is for you!  In NM at this time of year, outside of every grocery store, they are roasting green chili's and the smell fills the air.  It's lovely.  People buy them by the sack- and it's not a small sack! 

Pat said to surprise him for his birthday, so knowing he loves pumpkin pie, I made this creamy take on pumpkin pie.  It was just okay, not a keeper, but it was fun to make.

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