Monday, October 17, 2011

I hate coming up with a title for each journal entry.

The best babysitter in the world came over this weekend.  She doesn't charge a thing, and lets us go out for 8 hours at a time. (Longer if we want to.)  The kids love her since she cooks, plays games, reads books and lets them watch movies.  She even finished up the school work with them!  This babysitter goes by the name of Stephanie, and looks very much like my sister.  But she also went by the name Aunt Stephanie the next day when we watched the boys soccer games.  She even cheered and took pictures like a real Aunt.

Unfortunately, she left as quick as she came.  Sad, I know.

I think I may be heading toward a mid-life crisis.  Sometimes I stay up really late and dance my brains out.  This seems to be happening more frequently.  I get to go to a church dance this weekend.  My high school friend Ruby and I used to go to those all the time and dance like crazy, so I keep feeling excited, but I have to remind myself that I am going this time as an adult chaperone, and I won't be dancing.  Yep, I'm pretty sure I'm not allowed to dance and I cannot pass for a high-schooler.  No one wants to see me dance anyway, but... you can bet I'll be tapping my toes really hard.  Do you think they're still playing Jump Jump, and Cotton Eye'd Joe?  I hope not.

Today I went to see a surgeon because whenever I bend over too long my organs fall out.  At least that's what it was feeling like.  Then it makes you feel crazy panicked like you might not get it all back together and after some wiggling it all finally goes back in, and you're relieved.  But it hurts for a week after that.  So a friend said I should really get that checked out since it's been happening for 2 years or so.

The surgeon said I don't need surgery because it's actually my ribs sliding out of joint.  The perscription?  Wear a corset!  He called it a rib belt I think, and I said, "Like a corset?"  and he said, "Yes."
He said it's from all that babies kicking way up high in my ribs.  (I'll get them for that.)

Beautiful double rainbow.  I have an awful camera, but if was a full bow.  And you can see my sunflowers!

Couldn't quite get the full bow in the picture, but it was stunning.

Trip to the pumpkin patch with our home school group.  We went to McCalls this year which is right by our house, but it's the first time I've been there.  It was pretty awesome.

They have a huge corn maze, but we just went to the first lookout and back.

Fast slides!


Finished correcting a big stack of work!  Homeschooling is a full time job.  This is my least favorite part. They just finished the first of 5 units.  Sam's overall grade is and A.  Dallas' math is an A and his English is B-. 

 We were glad to have Hasslers and Colsons to dinner this week.  We have people to dinner about once a month, even if it is just the missionaries, and I realized that I never wrote about that, but since I don't want to talk about people on my blog who may not appreciate it, I'll just say that I just found out that someone is from Sacramento and played water polo just like me in high school.  That is sooooooooo weird.

A couple days ago Sam got something stuck in his eye and the doctor was able to get it out and he was more brave than I would have been.  Dallas has an appointment for braces this week.  Hopefully they'll say he doesn't need them for a couple more years.

We've been getting into the fun of Halloween around here.  We actually grew two pumpkins this year, and the boys have each made a skeleton, spiderwebs, and helped me decorate.  We've also learned some fingerplay Halloween songs that Ln LOVES (5 little pumpkins sitting on a gate, and I'm stirring and stirring my brew).  I found a dragon costume at the thrift store for Evan, but I still don't know what to do for Sam and Dallas.  They want to be wizards with a white cloak and a dark cloak and they even found staff's in the back yard (sticks that we can spray paint).   Someone gave us an Indian costume for Ln so she's good.  Pat and I are dressing up as really cool people.   Go watch Adam Sandler's SNL skit for cheap Halloween costume ideas.   Very helpful.  Good day.

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