Monday, November 21, 2011

Who will change the diaper?

Yesterday, Evan, apparently tired of waiting for us, or excited for the challenge, decided to change Ln's diaper all by himself.  He's five.

I became aware of it when they both walked out of the bedroom looking very pleased with themselves.  Ln, followed E to the garbage can where they both watched the diaper get thrown in.  Then I asked, "Evan, did you change Ln's diaper?"  He said yes.  Well actually he stared at me a long time with his cute smile and then nodded.
Afraid, I asked, "Was it poopy?" 
Again a long pause with him smiling again, he nodded yes.

Pat and I stared wide eyed at each other, and I'm trying not to think how gross that is, and Pat shrugs his shoulders and says,  "Well I hope you wiped her really good!" 

A couple minutes later the new diaper fell off, and Pat finished off the diaper change by putting it on properly.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Breakfast ideas

I just had one of my favorite breakfast smoothies and wanted to share the idea with you.  I have some very healthy eaters/doctors at church that told me about this a couple years back when we just kept getting one illness after another.  It's supposed to boost your immune system.  I think it tastes great.  All but one of my children agree.   I couldn't find my camera, so I grabbed these pictures off the internet.  My shake doesn't look quite as green, but you can tweak it how you like it.
So for the recipe, you do: 1 can of pineapple (naturally sweet), a BIG handful of parsley (I use Italian, but any green herb will do), and a spoonful of plain yogurt (probiotics), a spoonful of ground flaxseeds, and to make it colder add ice or any frozen fruit (I did frozen mango).  Just blend it up.  It does not need any sugar!  So altogether you get the good yogurt, fruit, flaxseed, and green veggie and it is delicious!

I usually eat a piece of toast with butter pretty much every morning for breakfast.  If I'm really hungry, I'll fry an egg to put on top with a little salt.  Most days I just have the toast alone though.  I changed my bread to Ezekiel bread which I can now find at my regular store.  I lost 5lbs just doing this.  I use it for my sandwiches too.  It is more coarse, but I think regular bread tastes like unsweetened cotton candy now.   This is so much better for you.

Along with breakfast, I always eat a handful of raw nuts (almonds, walnuts) and if I have enough money for citrus fruit, then I eat a grapefruit or drink some lemon juice.  My kids all love citrus fruit.  I'd do oranges, but we seem to never get good ones where we live, and I'm so tired of wasting my money on them.

Of course if Pat is home and cooking, then we have omelets, pancakes, waffles, french toast, hashbrowns, etc.  I love those breakfasts.  Just not what they do to me!

Random other tips:  if I eat something sweet that I shouldn't have then I drink a Tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in maybe a cup of water.  It restores the acidic/alkaline levels in your body that the sugar will throw off, and it's really good for you.

Also, I've pretty much stopped eating cheddar cheese.  I've switched the kids over to mozzarella, and I eat that or cottage cheese.  One of my favorite lunches is cottage cheese with green chile on top (hey I live in NM!) and maybe some salt and pepper.   It's really good, and these cheeses are much healthier for your body.   I'm not trying to be preachy, because I mess up ALL THE TIME.  But these changes really have made a difference that I can feel and see.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ln helping D with his homework

We were so proud of our boys today.  They did their parts in the Primary program wonderfully!
 They all memorized their parts, which wasn't hard since they were pretty short, but most of the kids didn't, and it makes a difference when you can actually look out at the audience/congregation.  It gives your words more power.  And they all sang their hearts out.  Maybe not so much Sam, but he sang every song.  Evan's face was super cute as he tried so earnestly to sing the right words, and Dallas, yet again, wins the award for the loudest kid.  But I would never tell him to stop.  He is singing with all his heart!

Last time we had a testimony Sunday, Evan said he wanted to go up and say his testimony.  I said, "Well I can't help you.  You have to do it all on your own."

"Okay!", he said, all excited.

Feeling a little wary, I said, "Evan do you know what you want to say?"

He said he did.  So I asked him to whisper to me what he was going to say before he went up, and I had to pretend I wasn't laughing when he whispered his primary program part into my ear.    He was the first to memorize it and has known it for weeks and been dying to get it out.  I told him that it was wonderful, but he'd better keep it a surprise until the program.

So today he talked super loud and clear and said it perfectly just like he told me he would.  "Without a single drop of help!", is how he likes to put it.

It was a fun Sunday too since the Oldham's were visiting, and the Debucks.  Both such awesome families and we really miss them and wish they could move back to our ward!  Also Josh Young leaves tomorrow on his mission to Canada, and I got him the ugliest tie I could find at the thrift store. (And Santa hats for Christmastime- you know the essential missionary stuff.)

Dropped off a little gift to our neighbor since his dad has been very ill and he takes care of us a lot.  I sure appreciate great neighbors.  Our other neighbor P saw Dallas and I running and offered us a ride home.  We're trying to get ready for that race in Sacto so I told him that we still had 2 miles to go.  Dallas was timing us with his stopwatch. Which is funny, because I think Ln could walk faster than we ran.

Dallas worked doing extra chores to make enough money to get his watch.  At our house we have regular chores that they have to do everyday because their part of a family, and then I have a list of money chores that they can do to make money.  Like empty the dishwasher for .10 cents or clean out the chicken house for $1.oo.   Dallas has worked so hard and he LOVES his watch.  It's just a $10.00 Walmart watch, but it can go underwater, has a timer, and all sorts of other cool stuff so he can time us when we run.  His scout teacher told me today that he was so excited about it at scouts, and when they asked him a question about it, he pulled out the directions and read them!  We were both laughing at that.  I'm so proud of him.

I actually had a pretty bad week and did terrible at my calling this week and couldn't even sleep one night because I couldn't even stop thinking about how bad something I did went, and hating that I did it.  It's all over now, and life goes on- but yuck.  I kept wishing that I could just make myself throw up, because I felt so bad about it that I thought throwing up would maybe make me feel better.   I didn't of course, but I'm having a hard time trying to figure out this extremely difficult calling! (For me.)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Friday, November 11, 2011

Grandma Pat

I didn't want to finish 2011 without remembering two people that passed away this year who were a part of my life.  The first is Grandma Pat.  I don't have a single picture of her, but when I get one, I'll update this post.  But I can picture her thin frame and perfectly straight white/blonde hair perfectly.   I remember after my Grandma died of cancer, and my Grandpa remarried, and that it sure seemed quick to a lot of us.  I remember going to Thousand Trails with them, and Pat sure seemed like a really nice lady, but it was hard adjusting to someone so different from your own Grandma so quickly.  But we got along just fine.  I was one of the older cousins, and since we lived far away, I didn't get to know her as well as some of my younger cousins who, to them, she was the only Grandma they remember.  Then my Grandpa died, and I didn't really know how much I'd see of her, but just like a real Grandma, she kept in contact, constantly sending out cards for every birthday or anniversary that any of us had.  I know moving out of Grandpa's house and back into her own was difficult.  I told her I loved her and that I appreciated all that she had done for us and for Grandpa.  I read with fondness the things she submitted to the family cookbook I did long ago.  She talked about wishing she could still pull the tissues out of Grandpa's pockets when he left them in and they went through the wash.  It was sweet.  Sometimes I got the feeling that she was very unhappy.   I think she was a sweet lady, who did the best with what she knew, or with what she was given.  I wish her well, and hope I see her again.

Monday, November 7, 2011

What it means to be a man

Everyday S and D have to write in their school journals.  I give them a prompt.  Today's was "What it means to become a man"

D wrote:

"What does it mean to become a man?  It means business.
First of all it means to be strong.
Second of all it means to be trusted.
Third it means to be honest.
Fourth it means to be a Dad.
Fifth you have to be big.
Sixth you've gotta be calm.  Men don't yell.
The end."

S, who is known for flying way off topic wrote:

"What does it mean to become a man?  You don't talk like a baby or people will call you a baby.  A man is to do work and not play.  If you are a boy you need to help work and sometimes you can play games and stuff.  You can play lots of fun games like Spaceopoley.  If you don't know about that game it's really fun!  Because it has rockets and missions and planet cards and even a space board that is really cool!!!!  Well just get the idea... or you can read the funnest fact book called The Adventures of Ook and Gluk, Kon-fu cavemen from the Future!!!!  It even says how to say cavemen talk at the End!!!!"

Yeah, it kinda got away from him.  Funny how I like both of these very much though.  I don't know if they quite nailed what it is to be a man, but they gave it a good try for a 2nd and 3rd grader.  And I'm glad they have a good dad to be an example to them.  Hopefully I can just get their writing to improve.  Every day they crack me up with what they write, and they crack each other up too.  Then they just sit at the table shaking with laughter at each other, and  I'm stuck trying not to laugh, and trying to get them to sober up and perform their duties more dutifully.  


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I will not eat them in a box!

We always let the kids read in bed a while and Evan is getting to be quite a good reader for a kindergartener (sp?).
I heard him yelling, "I will not eat them in a box, I will not eat them with a fox!!!", and so on.  (Green Eggs and Ham with lots of emotion.)

The other day he came to me holding a freshly cut lock of Ln's hair and said, "Mom, someone cut Leia's hair."

After a lot of stern talking, he finally came out with the truth that he had done it (her biggest lock of hair!), "But", he said, "I was just cutting something and her hair got in it."

Today, after I finally got the van back (3 days in the shop and I was going crazy!) they said we needed to get a new van.  She fixed the battery dying problem, but said there were so many oil leaks and other leaks that she didn't have any confidence in the van.  On the one hand I am so happy since all I ever do is dump money into repairing that van every month.  On the other hand, this means going into major debt and having monthly payments.  Life- gotta love it.  Any suggestions as to what  van/suv to buy?

Halloween night, after the kids got home, we thought we'd watch an old 80's favorite 'Ghostbusters' while we ate candy.  We fast forwarded through a lot of talking boring stuff at the beginning and got to the part where they see the first ghost in the library.  It scared Sam so bad that we immediately turned it off.   Now we sleep with him at night.  Evan didn't care, but Sam is very sensitive.

The next day I decided they'd had enough candy, and told them to pick their 15 favorite pieces of candy that they had left and to give me the rest.  (I'm so mean.)  I now have a bag the size of a pillowcase full of candy that will soon be in the garbage can.  I know that sounds awful and I hate wasting things, but it really is junk, so what else can I do?