Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I will not eat them in a box!

We always let the kids read in bed a while and Evan is getting to be quite a good reader for a kindergartener (sp?).
I heard him yelling, "I will not eat them in a box, I will not eat them with a fox!!!", and so on.  (Green Eggs and Ham with lots of emotion.)

The other day he came to me holding a freshly cut lock of Ln's hair and said, "Mom, someone cut Leia's hair."

After a lot of stern talking, he finally came out with the truth that he had done it (her biggest lock of hair!), "But", he said, "I was just cutting something and her hair got in it."

Today, after I finally got the van back (3 days in the shop and I was going crazy!) they said we needed to get a new van.  She fixed the battery dying problem, but said there were so many oil leaks and other leaks that she didn't have any confidence in the van.  On the one hand I am so happy since all I ever do is dump money into repairing that van every month.  On the other hand, this means going into major debt and having monthly payments.  Life- gotta love it.  Any suggestions as to what  van/suv to buy?

Halloween night, after the kids got home, we thought we'd watch an old 80's favorite 'Ghostbusters' while we ate candy.  We fast forwarded through a lot of talking boring stuff at the beginning and got to the part where they see the first ghost in the library.  It scared Sam so bad that we immediately turned it off.   Now we sleep with him at night.  Evan didn't care, but Sam is very sensitive.

The next day I decided they'd had enough candy, and told them to pick their 15 favorite pieces of candy that they had left and to give me the rest.  (I'm so mean.)  I now have a bag the size of a pillowcase full of candy that will soon be in the garbage can.  I know that sounds awful and I hate wasting things, but it really is junk, so what else can I do?

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