Monday, November 7, 2011

What it means to be a man

Everyday S and D have to write in their school journals.  I give them a prompt.  Today's was "What it means to become a man"

D wrote:

"What does it mean to become a man?  It means business.
First of all it means to be strong.
Second of all it means to be trusted.
Third it means to be honest.
Fourth it means to be a Dad.
Fifth you have to be big.
Sixth you've gotta be calm.  Men don't yell.
The end."

S, who is known for flying way off topic wrote:

"What does it mean to become a man?  You don't talk like a baby or people will call you a baby.  A man is to do work and not play.  If you are a boy you need to help work and sometimes you can play games and stuff.  You can play lots of fun games like Spaceopoley.  If you don't know about that game it's really fun!  Because it has rockets and missions and planet cards and even a space board that is really cool!!!!  Well just get the idea... or you can read the funnest fact book called The Adventures of Ook and Gluk, Kon-fu cavemen from the Future!!!!  It even says how to say cavemen talk at the End!!!!"

Yeah, it kinda got away from him.  Funny how I like both of these very much though.  I don't know if they quite nailed what it is to be a man, but they gave it a good try for a 2nd and 3rd grader.  And I'm glad they have a good dad to be an example to them.  Hopefully I can just get their writing to improve.  Every day they crack me up with what they write, and they crack each other up too.  Then they just sit at the table shaking with laughter at each other, and  I'm stuck trying not to laugh, and trying to get them to sober up and perform their duties more dutifully.  


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