Monday, November 21, 2011

Who will change the diaper?

Yesterday, Evan, apparently tired of waiting for us, or excited for the challenge, decided to change Ln's diaper all by himself.  He's five.

I became aware of it when they both walked out of the bedroom looking very pleased with themselves.  Ln, followed E to the garbage can where they both watched the diaper get thrown in.  Then I asked, "Evan, did you change Ln's diaper?"  He said yes.  Well actually he stared at me a long time with his cute smile and then nodded.
Afraid, I asked, "Was it poopy?" 
Again a long pause with him smiling again, he nodded yes.

Pat and I stared wide eyed at each other, and I'm trying not to think how gross that is, and Pat shrugs his shoulders and says,  "Well I hope you wiped her really good!" 

A couple minutes later the new diaper fell off, and Pat finished off the diaper change by putting it on properly.

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