Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Can you tell we're on break?

Cuz, I can't stop blogging.  I'm still trying to catch up, but also, the kids get to play Wii for a while everyday, and therefore I blog.

1)Scripture Journal (Oh, and if you could just throw in food storage for 6 with that!)

2)Someone I'm excited to vote for.  I guess it'll be Romney and he's okay.  He certainly could get this economy going and is a million times better than Obama.  I just wish there was someone to articulate conservative values well and fight for them.  Someone like Chris Christie, or Ronald Reagan.  

3)Running shoes.  After visiting the doctor about my foot, he told me not to run on my rocky road and that I needed new shoes.  I hadn't realized that my shoes are already 8 years old.  I am still in daily pain, and my foot just doesn't seem to want to heal.  He did and ultrasound and saw a lot of fluid in there and gave me a Rx of something like Ibuprofin, but I keep forgetting to take it.

 4)Instruments such as the: yukelele, acoustic guitar that you can plug in, bass guitar, voilin, drums, celtic flutes, or Native american flutes. 

5)Make-up stuff.  Anti-aging make up stuff.  I don't have clue what to buy, but I seem to be getting spots on my face and I wish they would go away!  (Oh yea, and there might be a wrinkle or two.)

6)Someone to go with me to buy make up stuff, since all those make up counters at the mall intimidate me.

7)Michael Jackson's dance thing for Wii.  I will not rest until I can moonwalk.

8)Oh, and I've really been good, so feel free to throw in any pea coats, jewelry or boots you like.   That's all for now.  Thanks Santa.  You're a pal.

Now back to reality. Got to feed the kids and go decorate the church for the winter ball.

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