Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

Waking up early to open presents and get to 9am church on time.  It didn't occur to me until later that we could have just opened presents after church.  It was only 1 meeting.  Silly me.   And I felt weird this Christmas, because I couldn't find any of our Christmas music, or our Christmas book with stories and scriptures for each day.   I don't know where they could be.  Frustrating.  I did get my blessed scripture journal, some cut socks and a ring!  And Pat got a new sweater, book, and reading light, for which he was very excited until his sister made fun of him for getting old people gifts. :)  We all got some cute socks and family games, homemade jam and a new camera.  I have the best kids, who are happy with their gifts.  They are so fun and so happy and I am so blessed to have them.   I love you guys so much!
Waking up is hard to do.

She laughed so hard when I tried to do this and they kept falling off.

She loves this stroller and the necklaces she got!

Keeping the Wiggles tradition alive.
Fancy new clothes!

I'm not a huge fan of these movies- we don't own any of them, but I LOVE Buzz Lightyear.  He says the funniest things.

K'Nex Mario Cart tracks- took all day to put together but it is very cool.

The kids and all their loot.  Their holding the things they loved the most.  Swords and Buzz.  Although Dallas and Sam really loved their books.  Notice the jammy pants on all four courtesy of Bren'mama, and they're all wearing their special socks.  And Ln got the cutest dollhouse, dress and coat, and other girly stuff that I just LOVED.   Dallas was sweet and bought her her own crayons and coloring books- all princess ones.

I did make treats for all our neighbors, and took them out on Christmas Eve Eve.  I said I'd never do that again, and I may not, because it was a whole day's work, and they kept turning out wrong, but I felt so much love in return from them, that it was worth it.  W gave us some sand dollar ornaments, P came over to thank us in person on Christmas day and gave us the nicest card, and our two new neighbors have been wanting to get to know everyone, and thought it was great.  One's the fire chief, and one is a younger couple who seem really nice.  One house we sent Dallas to with Evan and I don't really know how it went because the only thing Dallas would say was he couldn't understand them.  Oops.  And Pat's carpool friend/neighbor left the nicest message on our phone of thanks.
I know that everyone had a great Christmas in my family, but I felt sad and unhappy and I don't know why, and I didn't know how to turn it off either.  I had a really hard time going to church, and just couldn't shake the sadness.  What got me through was that I had some gifts for some families we home/visit teach and we gave them those, and I got the strongest hug from sweet Sister Potter who visits me for no reason at all except she is just full of love, and then going to the Colson's for dinner is always relaxed and fun and even though I didn't want to go (not because of them, but because I was grumpy), I was glad I did.  It finally broke the mood I was in.  Poor Pat.   Every now and then his wife turns psycho.

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