Sunday, December 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Dallas!

It was fun being with family at Thanksgiving, since it was right before D's birthday and so he got to celebrate a bit with them and get some cool presents.   Below is a video of a treasure hunt D had to do to find his present from us.  It lasted about 10 minutes so we cut the video down to about a minute.  What was funny, was that Evan and Sam figured out the clues sometimes when D couldn't.  No wonder he thanks his trusty brothers at the end.  Evan and Sam chose some of their favorite things to wrap up for him and even the things that D didn't care about, he earnestly thanked them for and they were all hugging and it warmed my heart, and not a little.  I love my boys!  (And girl!)  Sam wrapped one of his presents 8 times, so it started out big, and we just kept laughing harder and harder when we saw that we still hadn't gotten to it.  In the end it was a special shell.  It was soooooooooo funny.  None of us has ever done that so he just came up with it on his own!

Best lemon cake I've ever had.  I highly recommend the pastry chef. 

Can't believe he's so big!

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