Monday, December 5, 2011

Indian names

Sam's two front teeth are so loose that one is hanging crookedly and the other is sticking straight out.  I told him if we were Indians his name would be Crazy Tooth.   So he pounded his chest and gave an Indian war whoop and made us all laugh.
Then I said, "Crazy Tooth!  Go eat lunch!"

And Dallas said, "Yeah, Crazy Tooth!  And Bossy Lady, go do something!"  (Get it?  That's my Indian name.) 

Last week, I actually shaved Ln's head.  She had cute little curls and I feel horrible saying that I shaved them all off, but over her ears was growing about 5 inches long, and yet she had hardly any other hair so she was starting to look really funny.   Kind of a mixture of bald and clown hair because her long hair was so thin that you couldn't do anything at all with it, it just frizzes.  I heard that if you cut it, it might all grow back faster and thicker, so here's hoping. Now all her hair is 1/2 inch long and she looks just like her brothers.  I'm sure she'd hate me if she knew any better.

Trying to get a Thanksgiving post soon...  I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  We had a great time in
Sacramento!   Unfortunately we picked up someone's bad cold, and have been really sick since we got home.  We even had to leave Grandma Dixie's 80th party early without saying goodbye when I started to feel really sick, and I couldn't sing with Sandra on Sunday!  I think we actually had 2 or 3 colds in a row progressively getting worse.  More about all that later...

Pat went to work today, and then they closed the freeways since there is so much snow.  He better make it home!

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