Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lauralei's grave

I got to go to see our first daughter Lauralei's grave while we were home for Thanksgiving in Sacramento.  She would be turning 10 on Monday.  We went with Aunt Char since her little baby girl Charlotte is now right next to Laura.  It was a nice visit, and I could not stop crying.  I didn't get any pictures, so I put these up from long ago before we had Leia.    Jeremy mentioned last night that Laura probably looked more like me, whereas Leia looks more like Pat.  I realized he's right, because in her book we could definitely see in the pictures that Laura had my nose, and Leia doesn't.  I think she has Brenda's nose.  I don't know if I could scan a picture without taking apart Laura's book, or if I have any stored, because it was before we had a digital camera.   Anyway, we had such a good Thanksgiving visit in Sacramento, and I keep not having time to write about it, so I thought I'd start with just a part of it.

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