Friday, December 16, 2011

More Thanksgiving

Sam, Ln, Karisa, Steph, Dal, Elle (not pictured Jeremy, Kim, Pat and we'll pretend T was there.
My sister gave me a great present!  We ran (to feed the hungry) on Thanksgiving morning!  It was right in the part of Sacramento where much of my life was spent (CSUS, Institute, Sutter Memorial Hospital where I worked for years, my first job at Baskin Robbins when I was 15, and my college roommate apartment and first married apartment), so it was super fun for me.  I was so happy to be there again.  Unfortunately I really injured my foot, so after we parked at Jeremy's place and walked over to the start, I realized I was already in a lot of pain, and probably shouldn't run it.  But the joy of being back "home" made me just push though the pain (I know bad idea), plus the fact that I wanted to see what going from nearly 7000 feet elevation where I live to basically sea level would do to my running abilities.  It was so fun. I shaved 6 minutes off my time, and that was with a really sore foot, and thousands of people WALKING and being in the way, that I had to weave around constantly, and it was raining on us the whole time.   I feel confident I would easily have shaved off 10 minutes if not for those factors.  And it felt easy.  Still my time was pathetic, since even though I ran the whole thing, some people even walked a bit (Kim), and still came in about 10 minutes faster than me.   But I'm just happy that I actually ran the whole thing and didn't stop!  I ran my first 5k!!  A lot of neighbors were out saying, "Happy Thanksgiving!" as we ran by and there were bands along the way playing for us as we ran by, and I just thought it was so, so fun.   

Things we learned this year:

Steph has bad shoes that make her bleed- she must not be saddled with D next time too
Don't take kids on the race- leave them with Pat and T or at Jeremy's house
Don't run with a sore foot, because now it won't heal
Start the race up at the front so you are in front of all the walkers
Find a meeting point so we can all find each other after the race
Turn off the rain (this is hard for me because I love the rain, but it makes running harder)

Funny thing happened- after the race I ran into one of our cousins on Pat's side (Joseph), and I told him what my time was kind of embarrassed, and his time was the same!  I was starting to think he was pretty lame, when I realized that he was in the 10k race, which joined up with us in the 5k at the end.  Ha.

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