Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New van

After our mechanic told us not to put anymore money into our old van, we've been driving it around praying each time we get in the car that it will not break down and leave us stranded somewhere.  And after listening to it ding non-stop (really annoying), and flash all it's warning lights non-stop for a month, we finally went car shopping.  We found this 2006 Toyota Sienna for a great price.  It has almost 100,000 miles which is why it was a great price, but it is 7 years newer than the old van and I love it.   We got the bench seat in the middle, so it can seat 8.   

This snow in the picture is a week old, and currently it is snowing like crazy outside and has already added a couple inches more on top of this.  The trees are covered and it looks like a big, white winter wonderland.  Anyone want to come visit for Christmas?

We heat our house entirely by the wood stove, and so the boys had to bring in A LOT of wood last night before it got all wet with snow today.   I love the wood stove because even though the rooms don't get as warm, there is at least one really warm place in the house, and we all do our lessons and hang our right in front of the fire.  The only thing I don't like is that wood is a BIG mess.   Just imagine trying to vacuum up kindling/wood dust and ashes!!  Our living room is just a mess in the wintertime.  I'm not sure what to do about that.   But I'm not complaining.  At least we're warm!  It is a great blessing.

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