Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Soup of the Day!

Come take a journey with me!  Now that it's getting cold, I am in the mood for soup.  I noticed this when I was planning out the menu for the next two weeks and nearly everyday was a different soup!  So I'll be blogging each one if you're interested in expanding your soup repertoire.   I'll start with something real basic though.  Ramen soup, pictured below.  Just add something to it!  Last night I just added some green onion and doesn't that look so much better than plain ramen?  Or try adding cilantro, basil, finely shredded carrot, or any other vegetable.  Just shred it finely so that when you add it, it cooks just the right amount.
Or you can stir in an egg.  As it cooks in the hot broth it makes the soup a little creamy, and there will be bits of egg in with the noodles.
I know ramen isn't healthy for you by any means, but we like it, so I try to spuce it up a bit.   I asked once what to do instead of adding bouillon to flavor soups since it's all MSG badness, and I can't afford to buy that much stock/broth already made, nor do I have time to make my own.   My doctor said, to just simmer a bit of meat in the soup all day and that along with salt should do it.  He said in the mornings he fills his thermos with boiling water and then adds the vegetables and finely sliced raw meat, then closes it up, and by lunch it's all cooked, and very delicious.  He would never recommend ramen both for the msg and the gluten/carb noodles, but hey...

I could have handled three times this much green onion!  So good!

And here is that shake from a couple posts ago with the parsley in it.  I just wanted to show you that this is how I normally make it.  Everything's the same except I used mixed berries so that it turns this color.  But you can see the little green flecks!

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