Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Another word for word...

This morning Sam and Evan were talking. Evan said, "I had a bad dream last night." (Sniff, sniff.)

Sam responded, "Don't worry Evan, I've never had a good dream."

(I don't know if that's really true, but if it is, this explains why he comes into our room in the middle of the night, almost every night, scared stiff. Poor guy.)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy Bird Eggs.

This weekend I was fortunate enough to get together with some girlfriends and stayed out until 2am (note: this is really late for a mom), and I feel much saner now and had a lot of fun. Also my friend Andrea did my hair and I loved it and I don't know why I can't work wonders like that with my straightener. But it made me feel pretty all day today and I didn't have to do any work!

I had fun teaching the children the song "Scripture Power" today in primary, and the song with all the children saying thank you to Heavenly Father in their different languages. I love my calling and have so much fun at church. I heard a message from my dad saying he loved the birthday gift I got him (Bop It), so that made me happy. Then after getting the kids lunch, Pat told me to take a nap (I'd almost forgotten what those were), and so LN and I took a nap, and it's been a while since I slept so hard and so long. I had a hard time waking up! But when I did, I saw that the boys had all cleaned the house and made me a cake, and a friend dropped dinner off for us (she didn't know it was my birthday, but I'm calling it my birthday dinner). Then tonight I got sung to on the phone by all of Pat's family, and by Steph, T and Mom, and by Jeremy, Kim and Elle belle, and lastly by Pat's Grandma Dixie. I feel so loved!! Thank you everyone!

LN and D being silly.
I'm putting LN on a hunger strike. I don't remember ever having a child who had 3-4 poopy diapers everyday before lunch. (And yes, more after lunch.) I feel like that's all I ever do is change diapers! Her poor bottom gets lots of baths. And the fact that she is in that phase where they smear food everywhere while they try to feed themselves, makes for about 3 outfit changes daily. ( She could really use more than that, but if it's not too dirty I leave it.) However, now that she's drinking on her own she usually can't stay in her clothes because they are soaked.

I forgot how hard things are having a really little one. For example, we are switching her to sippy cups, but she doesn't get how to suck yet, so we're just getting her used to drinking from them first. Then we'll work on the sucking part, thereby enabling us to use the stoppers that prevent spillage that they come with. LN is also now walking everywhere and getting into everything and keeps us all very busy.

I jumped for joy last night because when we asked her to find the dog in her book of animals, she pointed to it! Now I know that she knows how to point, and what a dog is! We're so proud! (I definitely know that she knows what dog FOOD is. She thinks we put that food and water out just for her.)

I just have to say how much I love my children. Dallas and I went to an orthodontist appointment together as he'll need braces soon, and we had so much fun together. Man that kid is goofy, and he doesn't get shy in front of people too much, so in other words, the entire office thought he was goofy too. We had a lot of fun, and even though he was all jokes and smiles, as we were driving home he said, "I guess I am a little scared. It sure seems scary getting braces." What a dear sweetheart.

Samuel likes his new primary teacher. She loves the children and is a wonderful woman. He gave me lots of hugs and kisses today. Since he got his Captain Underpants book for Christmas (the first chapter book he's really ever read), he has become a voracious reader and moved on to Magic Treehouse books and lots of others. All day long this last week he is reading, it seems. He'll come out every half and hour and tell me, "Mom, I'm on the third page of chapter seven", and then the subsequent updates. Below is a picture of him when he got tired of some visitors and hid in our room to read. Pat was helping four kids from another family in our ward to make their pinewood derby cars for scouts and they were here for almost the whole day, so Sam had had enough and needed a break from the company. (He was sitting up tall in front of the window, and it was beautiful picture, but when he saw the camera he hunched down.)

One of my favorite pages in Captain Underpants where the teachers and the principal get their due.

Evan has just moved into a room with his little sister and so he is THE big brother in charge of her now. We're testing it to see how it works and since they both have the same bedtime it seemed to make sense. He really isn't in charge of her, he's just the oldest in the room. So good-bye to our spare bedroom. Below is a picture of a note I found under my pillow from Evan. Don't you just love his flowers?

I was washing Evan's hair while he was in the tub and as I scrubbed the shampoo into his hair, my fingers started moving really slowly, as the thought that I should never forget this moment permeated my body. I had the most tremendous feeling about how lucky I am to be a mom and have my children near me. It is the greatest thing on earth. It is not a job that people tend to praise in today's society too much, but I know I wouldn't trade it for anything. I am so glad to know the true gospel of Jesus Christ and how that has given me the direction to pursue family instead of other things like a career or nest egg first before settling down to have children or not having them at all because it's all about me. I have had some wonderful friends and wonderful experiences on this earth, and yet none of them will I value as much as my family. These moments are fleeting, while our children are small, I know. I have been told that by countless mothers.

Thanks be to my Father in heaven for the privilege of washing my son's hair, for messy girls with poopy diapers, for Sam who brushes my hair and Dallas who writes me cards telling me how much he loves me and how he'll do anything for me, and a loving husband who takes care of us all. Happy Birthday to me.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Baby Parking Spot

Baby Parking Spot.
(That's what LN thinks any time she sees an open book or game on the floor.)

She's hilarious.

Lucky us!
One of D's teachers at church was cleaning out a closet and thought maybe we could use the old coats in there. Yes, please! Here they are in their new coats heading out to church. Where would we be without hand-me-downs and thrift stores!?!

With advice from Brenda, and help from my friend Julie, I was able make 10 chair covers for our primary where I teach music to the children ages 3-12. They turned out so cute!

Cousins in Town!!!

Here's the girls! L and L!!! Pat's brother R and my sister in law S were in town for a visit, so we got to hang out with cousins and these are the only girl cousins so far on Pat's side of the family and it is so great because they are only about 3 months apart. Leia is a monster compared to L, but L is closer to the camera so you can't tell. She is absolutely adorable as is her older brother D! We had a lot of fun with him. He is REALLY into cars, and had these cute pajama bottoms with cars all over them that he LOVED. All the cousins were really cute playing together, and we are so glad that R and S were able to visit while moving across the country.

L, L, and D

Dallas was really good at making L laugh really hard. Aren't these two girls great?

Kanoodle and Leia's Christmas present

I'm so behind on posting, and still have to do more about Pat's parents and siblings being here for D's baptism. In the meantime, here is a Christmas gift they got for Leia, and a great thinking game that Uncle Brian got for the boys. The kids love them.

"Something for me?"


"It's not as easy as they make it look!"

(And once she finally got the Wocket out, this was the best picture we could get because she was flinging it around so fast.)
"Yea!!! Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!"

You have to fit these pieces together in the spaces or build pyramids with them. It will give you the placement of a few starting pieces, and then you must finish the puzzle. There are different levels depending on your abilities, so we all can enjoy it. Thanks Uncle Brian for another great gift!

Friday, January 7, 2011

HAPPY 2011!!!

On New Years Day, we picked up our car at the shop for $750.00, and one of our water pipes froze, and Sam cut his foot really bad jumping/falling off the bunk bed. We really know how to par-tay! (He needed stitches, but everything was closed New Years Day except the ER, so we taped it up tight and kept it clean, and it is healing well, though it'll still take a while.)

Pat has had to work out of town a lot, and therefore I have had less time and have been getting behind in the blogging/journaling. I have all my Ireland stuff ready, all the pictures loaded, but I lost my hand written journal of it. So I'm trying to find where it went (I'm sure it's in the house), because I want to have all the information correct when I write about our trip.

After hearing some great talks at church, we have really tried to plan our year out well, be better organized and set some good goals. One thing Pat wanted to do is personal interviews with each child on a "date" night once a week. Well we've never had enough time for that, so we are trying once a month instead. Baby steps. The boys are SO EXCITED about it. Sam went out with Pat and they went bowling (Sam's choice) and then got burgers, fries and soda. Pat got some time to talk to him one on one about life and his goals, and Sam just had the most fun!
In fact Evan has already had two fits because he has to wait a whole month until it's his turn!
I feel kind of bad about that, but we really can't afford to spend money weekly, and hey, I don't even get to go on a date that often with dad! So we're all basically waiting around for our chance to be with Pat. We all love him so much!

Now here's some funny conversations or things that have happened recently:

Evan's observations on beauty:
E: Mom, Leia will be beautiful when she grows up.
M:Yep! She'll be beautiful to us, no matter what.
E:Yeah, cause she'll look like you!

Evan and the ghost. Whenever something bad happens Evan blames the ghost. Soon his brothers began saying, Mom, the ghost just means Evan did it. Evan didn't like this (even though it was true), so he laid off the ghost thing for a while.
Today cleaning his room I found a book that had been destroyed.
M:Oh! Who broke this book?
Sam:It wasn't me.
Evan: It wasn't me. So it that means it was Dallas. (Big sigh.)
Or it was the ghost. The ghost that's not me.

After dinner as Sam is leaving the table, he leans over to my ear and whispering, says, "Make sure you make that dinner for me tomorrow night", followed by a really cute smile.

Ever since reading Captain Underpants, the boys have thought it pretty hilarious to launch an underwear attack against their mother. (They fling underwear at me and laugh.) I have to admit, that book is pretty funny. It was Sam's Christmas book and he's already read it twice and read another Captain Underpants from the library.

Dallas read it twice too, and he also really like the King Arthur book he received. He read it and then, since it came with a CD narrated by Sean Bean (Lord of the Rings), the boys have all listened to it as well. They've been listening to books and old radio shows a lot lately at night after they are in bed. Right now they are listening to The Secret Garden. Only Dallas is old enough to really enjoy it, but hey...

I remember listening to the record of the music from the Disney movie Bambii at night when I was little, and that music is still magical to me.

I like sharing great books/present ideas since we all need help with finding interesting stuff for our kids! So thanks for the info on presents that went over well at your houses that I've read on your blogs too!

Concerning the Wii

The boys are hilarious to watch as they play video games. Evan's left leg keeps coming up without bending his knee at all. Sam wiggles all over as he plays like he's on the dance floor, and he and Dal both make a ton of noise, squeals and yells and such. Of course they all play simultaneously so when you watch them from behind, it's quite entertaining.

Dallas' exclamation of joy upon seeing the Wii: "Oh boy!!!"

I wish you could have heard it. It was sheer joy.

Since vacation is over, they are now only allowed to play video games on Saturdays for about 1 hour. It is a great way to make sure they get their work done. And if I didn't have a specific day, then all day long, each and every day, I would hear them begging to play. That would drive me loca.

A couple days ago, Pat bought them Mario to go with the Wii since it's their favorite. Now Evan walks around "studying" the booklet that came with it, telling me how many levels there are and all about them, and what each picture means. Of course it's all made up, but I like his imagination. Thanks again Santa for the fun and games!