Monday, January 23, 2012

CDC researchers say mothers should stop breastfeeding

Someone posted this on facebook, and I couldn't believe it.  

CDC researchers say mothers should stop breastfeeding to boost 'efficacy' of vaccines

Someone named Sara, commented:  "Okay, 4 years ago our naturopathic family doctor said, point blank, 'Sara, the time will come when the CDC starts going after breastfeeding, because based on all the science and studies coming in, the titers and antibodies in breast milk cause the vaccinations to only be effective 1/3 of the time....and that is just not going to be acceptable to big pharma.' Don't you love it?! Our doctor's prediction is coming true."

My kids have all their vaccines, but I was heavily pressured into it by the school (when D was in school) and by the doctor.  I don't even believe that all vaccines are bad.  But I do believe it should be each parents choice what to do with their children, and not governments.  When the government doesn't even let you enroll without proof of vaccines, it's just a way of forcing it on you.   I went to get my foot checked out last month and they actually asked me if I'd had all my vaccines!  So they could look at my foot!   And of course they have them there for me conveniently if I need one.   Why would they even do that unless it's making money for all of them?  The same thing happens all the time at the hospital when I go to deliver a baby too.  They want to immediately hit me up and the baby up with the vaccines.  One time I had to change doctors because after researching the vaccines my son was about to receive I had questions about some of them, and the doctor started yelling at me, "You people...!", she said before storming out.  I was so taken aback it was ridiculous and I had to try to not laugh as I watched her have a fit.  I was wondering if I was having a dream.  Aren't doctors there to help answer questions?  Apparently not.  At least not with her. 

One thing that taught me is not to just submit your children because everyone says you have to.  Mothers are given an intuition about their children and need to listen to it, since all kids are not the same and will not react the same.  Any doctor or government official that makes you feel dumb for trying to listen to that intuition should be ignored.  Find a new doctor.  I did, and he is so much better!

I do believe big pharma,  are pulling the strings with lots of lawmakers.  And sorry, CDC, I've done a lot of reading, and I've never trusted you. 

Plus, on a side note,  I've always wondered, how do we really know that when they enter the room with the injections all ready, that they aren't expired, that they have been stored at the right temperature, and that they weren't mixed up by the young girls that usually administer them?


Cecilotta said...

My understanding from reading the actual CDC article is that they're recommending not breastfeeding for a short period of time directly around receiving the vaccine.

I almost certainly wouldn't do even that, because I'm heavily pro-bfing (also heavily pro-vaxing, just to lay all my cards on the table :) but it's not quite what's being implied by the other article.

They're also only talking about one vaccine, orally administered, not everything.

Karisa said...

I value your opinion Cece. Thanks for sharing! I did see that it was for a short time, but still think it's not right to tell a mother not to nurse so a vaccine can "take". Perhaps children should just wait until they're older altogether for the vaccine?

jojanwells said...

I agree with you Karisa.