Friday, November 11, 2011

Grandma Pat

I didn't want to finish 2011 without remembering two people that passed away this year who were a part of my life.  The first is Grandma Pat.  I don't have a single picture of her, but when I get one, I'll update this post.  But I can picture her thin frame and perfectly straight white/blonde hair perfectly.   I remember after my Grandma died of cancer, and my Grandpa remarried, and that it sure seemed quick to a lot of us.  I remember going to Thousand Trails with them, and Pat sure seemed like a really nice lady, but it was hard adjusting to someone so different from your own Grandma so quickly.  But we got along just fine.  I was one of the older cousins, and since we lived far away, I didn't get to know her as well as some of my younger cousins who, to them, she was the only Grandma they remember.  Then my Grandpa died, and I didn't really know how much I'd see of her, but just like a real Grandma, she kept in contact, constantly sending out cards for every birthday or anniversary that any of us had.  I know moving out of Grandpa's house and back into her own was difficult.  I told her I loved her and that I appreciated all that she had done for us and for Grandpa.  I read with fondness the things she submitted to the family cookbook I did long ago.  She talked about wishing she could still pull the tissues out of Grandpa's pockets when he left them in and they went through the wash.  It was sweet.  Sometimes I got the feeling that she was very unhappy.   I think she was a sweet lady, who did the best with what she knew, or with what she was given.  I wish her well, and hope I see her again.

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