Monday, January 16, 2012

Pretty good bar

Had this for dinner tonight, although we scrambled the eggs in with the kale.  Bit of oil, salt, dash of cayenne pepper, and a bit of garlic- saute in chopped kale and then push aside to scramble eggs then mix together.  Serve over toast or hashbrowns.  Pretty good!  We ate it all before I could take a picture of my own.
From Tasty
Pretty healthy, and tastes great.  Just wanted to share.  I haven't tried all the stuff out there, but out of the 3 brands I have tried, this is my favorite.

Raw Revolution Chocolate & Coconut Raw Rev 100 Calorie 0.8 oz bar. Organic.(bag of 12) Price: $9.99

They have a 2.2oz size also for about $1, but the smaller size seems to be enough.

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