Saturday, January 21, 2012


I wanted to name Leia Reagan, because I really liked Ronald Reagan and because I thought it was so cute.
Pat didn't.
Today I found my Regan.  I wish I could adopt her.  She has HIV and was born in 1998.  Think I should try?

I don't have a clue where to start, or how hard it would be.  But I just look at her and want her so much!  She's from Ghana.


Sarah said...

It can't hurt to try...your first step would be to get in touch with an adoption agency that also places foster kids. I say this because it is MUCH faster to be approved for foster care than adoption and you MIGHT be able to foster her as a precursor to adoption. This is very dependent on where she is now and what her legal status is. LDS Family Services can do foster and adoption placements. It takes a little while to get everything in order including a homestudy. They are going to want to see your financial records, get letters of recommendation from at least 3 sources, and do a background check. They do charge for adoption, $4000 unless you make over a certain amount of money (I think 100k). However, if you are adopting a special needs child this is typically reduced.
Long story short, call LDS Family Services if you're serious. If they are a dead end, find out where she is and call her social worker.

:) I love adoption.

Karisa said...

Thanks Sarah! Pat's okay with it, so I think I am serious. Only question is the money. But we'll check out tax refunds and laws and figure out if it's do-able. His work gives him a certain amount of money if he adopts too. Regan has had a really hard life, and I sure would love to have her have a family who loves her forever.

Kim said...

Just read your post and thought I'd leave you a little note. I have been following a few blogs that deal with adoption. I think it's an awesome thing. It seems that adopoting a child with medical needs would be hard but very rewarding. If you look up "Reese's Rainbow" you'll find an orgaization that deals with forgien adoption of children with medical needs. It's seems to be a very good resource. Good luck!

Sarah said...

The money can be a hard thing, but special needs cases are often reduced (as I said) and you can pretty much expect a tax credit for your expenses up to $10,000. You might have to up front the cost, but you will likely get back most if not all of your money. If you foster first and adopt the child you fostered it is usually cheaper too. Whatever agency you go with should give you a pretty definite up front number.

Karisa said...

Thanks guys!