Wednesday, December 14, 2011

TG 2011-Pictures

My favorite parts of Thanksgiving were the fact that Dallas has a new boy cousin, Isaac,  who is actually close to his age (older) and they had fun together.  And G-pa kept playing tricks on them like pretending that a ghost was after them, and they were really freaked out, but simultaneously suspicious of Grandpa.   It was really funny.   We also went to our favorite hiking place, but it was much farther than we had remembered, and it was covered in snow, so everyone had a very cold hike (and illegal since it was closed but we went anyway).   Still we had fun.
Oh, and can I just say that Daddy Pat makes the best candy ever?  Yes, I can.  My blog.  We arrived to find his home-made caramels, caramel covered marshmallows, caramel covered apples, chocolate covered caramels, and turtles, and even more.  It was off the hook good.  Like amazing good.  Did I mention that I gained like 8lbs over Thanksgiving, and I think 5 of those pounds were the homemade candies?  Oh, and did I mention that my FIL needs his own candy shop?
Also despite having three sumptuous Thanksgiving dinners while we were in Sactown, we also enjoyed Leatherbys, and In and Out.   I ate really healthy breakfasts everyday, and then enjoyed myself the rest of the time.  Still paying for it too.

We got to do lots of fun stuff with my sis, Mom, and brother too like the zoo, and train museum which Rick and Sunny and their kids and Bren'mama and Taylor were at.  The kids loved it of course and I loved all the time my kids got to play with cousins.  We had fun singing songs with Elle, and taking turns lighting and blowing out the candles on Grandma's pueblo house.  Also playing Mexican train dominoes, and watching movies and just hanging out.  Good food, and visiting with family.  What could be better?  Evan and Elle became special friends.  Here's some cute pictures my brother sent me of our outings.  I of course never take pictures when I should.  Dork.


Didn't see enough of this sister.

and didn't see enough of this brother.

Saw way too much of this sister.  Ha! Just kidding.

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