Monday, January 30, 2012

Update on Regan

So, I knew this would happen.  Tons of problems trying to adopt Regan.  First of all I'm told that in Ghana, I have to spend a total of a little over two months there (two trips), plus all money.  That would be impossible with the children I already have.  Then I'm told that one trip, by one parent for about 3 days is all that is needed.  ??
Then I find the house that Regan is actually at, and am told that she is schizophrenic, at least that's what they think (there are no doctors), and that she hears voices and has hurt some of the smaller children so they have her in a separate place.
Then I'm told that they would not even consider me for adoption because I am a Mormon.  It's a very small place (only 15 or so children) and the person who runs it has chosen this.  I'm not offended, so much as just sad.  As I was talking to her agent on the phone, and she was explaining this to me, I thought how good Mormon families are and how it is sad to let a child stay in an orphanage, because as she put it, "You don't believe in the Trinity."  She also said, Oh and that you guys think you can become Gods, and you think other people can write scripture like the Book of Mormon and we believe the Bible is the only true word of God.

Okay, I said, I respect your feelings, and thank you for your time.  I expected that to be the end of it, but somehow we got talking, and she really liked me, and is going to the director to see if there are any rules that can be bent.   She said, the director would probably let you adopt someone who will be, because of their extensive problems, very hard to place.  Someone like Regan for example, or someone severely disabled.  I just don't know what to think about that.  I told her I feel like I was led to talk to her for a reason, and if she ever had someone for us we would consider it.  But that's all I can say.

But for now, join me in grieving for Regan.  She won't have a long life where she is.  When I told Pat, he still didn't want to give up on her.   I really don't either. 


Anonymous said...

wouldn't you worry about opening up your other kids to someone that might hurt them? I think I would give it some more thought. Aunt Janet

Karisa said...

Yeah, I definitely wouldn't take on someone that would put my own kids at risk, it's just sad that so many children grow up without a family, or anyone to belong to. Real sad.