Friday, January 27, 2012

Warning: Catching up post!

Happy Birthday to me!
Pat made me this trifle, and my sis got me the Michael Jackson dance thingy!  Yea!

I always throw together a pasta dish with whatever I have.  My birthday pasta turned out great!  However I do have to say, that since I try to not eat this stuff regularly, I had a total carbohydrate crash after pasta AND cake.

Evan emerges from his bedroom in his dragon suit, Mario backpack, and superhero cape to top it all off.  Leia is a bit worried about him.  Oh, and like what I did with all the Christmas cards this year?

She loves the jewelry her aunt got her for Christmas.

Evan made Leia a crown.  It said prinses Lau.

Sam loves these math worksheets where you have to solve the problem and then use a ruler to draw a line to the right answer, and then color if you like, the pattern.

Aren't these cool neckercheifs(sp?) that the boys got at the pinewood derby.  Here's E sporting D's.

Notice the STOP don't touch sign?  Last year, our non-member friends came and someone stole their car (I think it was a youth acting stupid).  It was the saddest thing ever.  We searched for 1/2 hour, and never could find it.  So they used a back up car, lost every race, had a bad night, and then at the end of the night someone opened up the gym door and rolled it in and closed it before we could see who it was.  By then it was too late and all the hard work they'd done to prepare their car was useless.  They never came back.  Please help me to never find that person, because I'm still so mad about it!!!

We have the best group of scout leaders and they do such a great job with these boys!  This is no small deal to put on and I really appreciate them!

Just chillin' in the tub.  Sometimes mom doesn't feel like filling up the whole bath tub for a quick rinse.  Leia loves it.

Dallas won grand champion last year.  This year he lost every single race.  He was still happy, and I loved how he did his car!  He got the award for the Happiest Racer!

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