Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Girls Weekend- H.A.G.

Went on a Cupid's Chase 5k down Mesilla with Julie, Andrea and Chantelle and Julie's sister-in-law Jenae(in shorts) who lives there in Las Cruces.  We had so much fun and laughed so hard.  I fell in love with Mesilla and Las Cruces.  I seriously cannot begin to say what a fun weekend we had.  It was perfect weather.  A nice change since we've had two snowstorms in the last few days.  Last night we got 4-5 inches!

This race was sooo hard for me- way harder than at Thanksgiving.  It took all my strength to make it through mile 2, and then I still had mile 3!  Chantelle is the crazy one behind me.  She didn't even care about her race time.  She just kept hiding and jumping out to scare me,  or going back and forth between me and Julie running circles around us.

Hot chicks, hot car.  Mesilla.

Loved this picture.

I just love the style of New Mexico!

A nice old man was watching us take this picture, and we wondered if he was mad.  But it was his house, and he was perfectly okay with us taking pictures in front of it.

On the way home we stopped at some hot springs that Julie's sis-in-law Jenae paid for.  It was right on the Rio Grande, and the water was very hot!  I'd never been to hot springs before.  It was neat.

And like the dorks that we are, we wore our numbers to church the next day!

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