Monday, February 27, 2012


So... I just want to remember that this last 2 weeks Pat has had to speak twice in church (our ward and Spanish ward), while he has been sick and dealt with the rest of us sickos, and he has spent every free minute helping me with things.  Mostly computer things for New Beginnings coming up this week, but also some shopping trips.  And today he installed the new dishwasher, which ended up being very difficult, with two trips to the store for parts.  But new dishwasher!

He was up until past midnight working on my calling with me, and will be again tonight.  And last night, even with all that going on, he went to the store in the dark and cold to get me some, ahem, supplies.  When he walked out of the house he was wearing my purple jacket, and I said, "Don't wear that, you look gay", to which he replied, "I'm going to the store to get lady supplies, so..." , and walked out while I laughed and laughed.

Yesterday he was teasing Evan in the car about how he was going to give him a knuckle sandwich so Evan's loose tooth would come out faster.  Evan said, "Don't do that!  Then you'll knock my tooth into my brain....and... then.... I... will... not.... be able to stop thinking about tooths!"

I laughed so hard, and was pleased he was able to follow a joke that far.  Funny kid.

I just gave all the boys haircuts and they all look like they just got a home haircut.  I did a pretty bad job this time, and they look pretty retarded, but pulling out the clippers, and making another big mess doesn't sound fun, so....

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Sarah said...

hahaha this was great. And Pat is awesome.