Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Journal entry

Throwing all my healthy posts out the window because one day last week we had absolutely NOTHING in the house to eat, and so I resorted to making cookies so we'd have something.   So at least it was a fun and delicious project as well.  But do not be fooled.  It was born out of starvation.

A little cookie with your sugar Leia?

Later that night, Evan invented a new sandwich since we still had nothing to eat.  That is unless you're a fan of pickle-jam bread.

Some school days are just great.  There's a new charter school opening up here- a pretty cool one.  One of only 3 in the nation, and I put the kids names in the drawing for enrollment, but even if we are admitted, I don't know if we'll go. Nothing's perfect.  So we'll see.

I would really miss the funny notes the kids leave me.  These are both ones Sam wrote on his grammar tests.

I finally learned how to make spring rolls!  However they should be much darker- the oil was too hot so it started burning them and we had to take them out early.  But they tasted perfect, so next time they'll be great!

I just love cooking!  Pat made a great spaghetti meat sauce and since we had so much leftover, I made a lasagna a few days later.  It's a lot of work, but  much easier when you already have the sauce in the fridge.   The important thing about lasagna is to have a pretty thick sauce, unless you don't mind sloppy slidy lasagna.  Then just layer: meat sauce, noodles, cottage cheese blend(1 large container cottage cheese, 2 eggs, parm cheese, pepper, parsley and salt), and other cheeses however you like.  I like three layers of noodles, but some do fine with two.  Usually end with meat sauce on top and cheese.
Below is the Pioneer Woman's recipe for restaurant style salsa.  It's my sis's and my favorite new find!
So good!
And you might have seen the Cookie Monster cupcakes circling around right now.  I thought since they were blue, they'd go good for our Blue and Gold Banquet for scouts tonight.  They are a bit of work but really cute.  Unfortunately I can't say they were born out of starvation.
Blue frosting-whip for about 10 minutes- 1 c. butter, 4 c. powdered sugar, and 1/2 tsp. vanilla together, adding milk or cream to make it light enough to spread easily.

Blue coconut-sorry it's blurry.  Get fine coconut and shake in a bag with blue food coloring until it's all blue.

Purchase some tiny chocolate chip cookes, and cut in half.  Frost the cupcakes with LOTS of frosting, and then dip in the coconut and then cram an half cookie in.
Then you can make eyes in lots of ways.  I took small chocolate chips and melted them to make the dots that I applied with a toothpick.  I worked OKAY-not great.  Better is to just hold a mini chocolate chip over the burner bottom down (not touching) for just a sec until it starts to melt and then stick it on the white candy melt.  Other people use black fondant, marshmallows, raisins, whatever.  Just make sure the eyes look crazy!  Mine turned out okay. 
I'm looking at this picture noticing that one of these guys is missing an eye.

See this bowl of eggs?  The boys cleaned off the back porch and found all these!  Crazy!  The chickens broke out of their pen somehow, and we haven't fixed it so they hang out on our porch since it's warmer there, and since I kind of feel sorry for them, I let them.  But I always thought they went back and laid in their house since we do find eggs there everyday.  I guess not always!  Most of the eggs were in Bella's dog house which since it's wintertime and very cold here, is full of blankets and hay.  Perfect nest!  And Bella sleeps in the house and hardly uses her outside house, so none were broken.  I don't know how long they've been there though.  We'll eat these with caution.

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