Friday, February 3, 2012

Watching the YW play dodgeball.  I tried to show our girls not to hang out safely at the back of the court, to work the line and launch their balls from up close.  Then I demonstrated it for them, promptly getting nailed right in the eye.  I was so embarrassed.  Luckily it didn't hurt.  The balls are pretty soft.

Thanks to her cousin Elle, she has cute clothes! My cousin Jennifer used to pass me her stuff too and all I can say is thank heavens for hand-me-downs!  Thanks J and K and Elle!

Evan read a story that had a farmer making raisin bread.  So he decided he really wanted raisin bread.  Honestly that sounded pretty disgusting to me, and I didn't feel like looking up a raisin bread recipe.  So last night as I was making pizza (with my french bread recipe) I took a big piece of dough, rolled it out into a rectangle, sprinkled it with cinnamon and sugar and raisins, rolled it up, and baked it for Evan.  He would never know that it wasn't real raisin bread!  But it turned out so good!  I know what your thinking Steph...

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