Saturday, March 24, 2012

Activities with Steph and T

While Steph and T were here we ate at Fudruckers, went grocery shopping (since I didn't know they were coming), cooked lots of stuff, played Wii, took a tour of the park/neighborhood, played ball, went to church, watched shows, went miniature golfing, ate frozen yogurt, and Dions pizza.  Very fun, but very relaxed.  However, in keeping my tradition of not taking pictures when it really counts, I am going to have to wait to steal some pictures from Steph of any of these events.  Here are the only ones I have:

Making homemade pasta- recipe from Pioneer Woman

To go with a hearty sauce.

Princess waiting to be fed.

Yep I put her to work.  Homemade pasta is a lot of work.

In the end we were mildly impressed with the end result.  Even though we cut it so thin, it plumped huge and awkward anyway in the boiling water, so it was kind of weird.  Last week I tried leaving it in sheets to make lasagna.  Both times I wasn't impressed, and Pat was.  He liked it, but my thought was that it wasn't worth it.

Here's our cream cheese strawberry pastry that we made.  Yum!

Leia is really in to smiling HARD.  She is so funny.  She enjoys dancing to the Michael Jackson dance game and sings Beat It!

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