Saturday, March 24, 2012

Archery- Hunger Games

Can you see the Hunger Games poster in the picture below?  I am so excited about Hunger Games, since I really liked the books.  I liked the first more than the second, and the second more than the third, but really they were all good.   And yesterday, our homeschool group organized an archery lesson at the Albuquerque Archery Shoppe.  It turned out really well.  So many kids wanted to do it that they broke our homeschool group up into 3 sessions throughout the day of about 20 kids each.  I was surprised that even Evan was able to do okay.  The kids all did great!  Okay- maybe they hit other peoples target or no target at all, but at least they were able to hold the bow properly and set up their arrow on the bow on their own, and shoot well.  I thought the arrow might just fall on the ground and never make it, but they always sunk it in the wall like they were supposed to.  They also did a competition after the kids got used to it, and then a balloon shooting contest.  Now I really want to be like Katniss and have all my kids be handy with a bow and arrow.

Evan shooting first with Pat's help.

Sam in the striped shirt all on his own.
Dallas did the best, but somehow I didn't get a picture of him shooting.  Oops!

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