Friday, March 9, 2012

Lentils like my mamita made them in Chile.  There not as good as hers but... I'll never forget how good the big bowl of lentils tasted that she made us.  No meat or anything, just occasionally some random noodles.  That was my mamita in Penco.  I love her so much!  Below is the salad we put with it.

Sam loves doing puzzles with Pat.  They are weirdos if you ask me.  They do 1000 piece puzzles for fun.  Sometimes I'll sit down and try to help and after finding only one piece I want to die of boredom!  I don't know how Sam can sit there for so long.  If the weather were better I wouldn't even allow him, but since we can't go outside...

Good ol' Beef Stroganoff.  Sam ran around the table and hugged me and said, "This is the best dinner ever!"  He has been doing stuff like that a lot lately, about food and other stuff as well and that makes me really thankful.  He still has issues at church, not being kind to others, but he's getting better.

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