Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Beginnings 2012

We had our New Beginnings night last night for all the young women.  It turned out so awesome!  Our theme was the Olympics since they are this year!  Worked really hard to get all the girls there, and to make it special for them.  And our great teachers were there to fill in for anyone who didn't show.  The girls were all draped in plastic tablecloths representing their value color, and it looked neat.  We never got to the games at the end, ran out of time, but had great refreshments, and everyone, I believe, had a good time.
The girls each had an assignment to speak for 1 minute about someone in the scriptures who exemplified one of the 8 values.  And here is the invitation.

Other side

A very young Young Woman ready for church.

Spray painting the gold medals

I have no idea why this picture is in here, but I found these two boys cleaning out the fridge together and surprised I asked what they were doing.  Dallas said, "We're earning money.  Sam's trying to get a pocket knife and I just like having money."  They got 50cents each.  Well worth it for a clean fridge.

Finished gold medals on ribbon with the colors of the 8 values.

Our girls-(missing two from the pix)!  They did so great!  Each of them had a parent or family member come and talk about how they've shown strength and courage (ala Olympic athlete).  It was wonderful to hear how special these girls are.  They are going to make a huge difference in the world.  One of our talented Presidency members made that poster behind the girls.  Isn't it fabulous?

Showing off our awesome torch.  We made up countries for them based on their last names.  It was funny.

And here is our actual Olympic torch.  One of the girl's Dads was a torch bearer for the actual Olympics.

Soon I'll post the video that we (Pat and I) put together.  We showed two videos, one of an Olympic triumph and one a personal/spiritual triumph.  For the Olympic triumph we showed clips from Cool Runnings that we had diced together.  It brought lots of laughs and cheers.  And then the spiritual video was just beautiful, and the girls seemed to know the song and spontaneously sang along softly.  The Spirit of God was there.  Not only did I feel it during the night directing what we said, but before with some last minute arranging with the program.  I am just so so pleased that it turned out so well!  I am understanding my calling more and feeling more and more glad that I was called to work with our girls.  They are the best!

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