Saturday, March 24, 2012

New Bunny and Stuff

Here's our new Bunny.  Since she is Dallas's, he named her Abigail.  He really loves her.

She started out very shy, but is now getting braver and exploring more.

Making rice krispies birds nests.

The tow truck hauling Pat's car away.  He has purchased a new one, well, a used one from the missionary office.  He is very pleased with it.  Four doors instead of two, handles to open the doors instead of pulling on wires.  A windshield without cracks all over.  A seat that can actually be adjusted.  A radio!  He came home and said, do you know how nice it is to be able to turn on the radio?  Oh, and best of all, his new car can start!  Goodbye red car.  You were good while you lasted!  Now you're just costing us too much or are impossible to fix.  We donated it to our local cancer charity, and they'll get about 800 dollars after auction for helping families of cancer patients.  They have a home next to the hospital for the families to stay in like it's their home and they provide food and everything for them, so it worked out well.

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