Monday, April 9, 2012

Every night of this last week was full of something - soccer, scouts, 4-H, YW, Pat's basketball, etc, so I made Pat miss opening day for baseball for the Giants Friday night, because I needed a date, and he graciously came along (though it was killing him) for a quick date spent doing Easter shopping.  It was so nice to be on a date.  Usually I talk non-stop about the millions of things I've been thinking about, and it is so therapeutic, even if we are just at Target.

I had gone through all the boys clothes and got rid of a ton that don't even fit Evan anymore, and thus discovered that some of the boys desperately needed church pants, some belts, and all needed ties.  I had a young woman over to babysit the kids, so we could go out.  She's having a hard time, so it was good since I got a chance to talk to her while dropping her off.  (I hope she comes to camp.)

Anyway, because of being so busy, this Easter was a bit distracted/weird.  It was our day of fasting yet there was Easter candy, and Pat and I both had to teach which causes a less than relaxed feeling.  I prayed about and thought about and worked on my lesson for weeks, and still it wouldn't really come together which was frustrating.  In the end, it turned out really well, except that it had to end abruptly when I was only halfway through because I realized we were out of time.  So that just left a bad taste in my mouth.  Like why Father?  I didn't even get to the point.  You know, the Resurrection!  It was kinda important!  That normally doesn't happen to me, and I realize I need to work on my communication with the Spirit. Plus I had pruned some of our trees that have huge thorns on the branches, and Pat wove them together into a crown to just as a visual for my lesson, which caused him no small amount of pain, and after all of that, we forgot it in the car.

So then I just felt BLAH.  After church I realized I maybe should have had something special for dinner.  BLAH again.  Then we had an egg hunt in the back yard.  Besides E falling flat on his face and getting a bloody nose, the kids had a great time.

As soon as she went into nursery, she went up to her teacher and showed her her pretty Easter dress and shoes.  It was too cute!

Always sensitive to light, our Sam.  Pat forgot to take out her pacy.

These two got smooth criminal hats.

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