Monday, April 23, 2012

I love this soup.  It's really good.  I've been slowly trying the other kinds over months, and I like the other tomato kind, and the lentil kind, but so far that's all.

By the way, I ran a 5k Saturday in the Albuquerque 1/2 marathon.  Yea for me!!  My time never seems to improve, but that could have something to do with never training consistently or more than about 3 times before a race.  But still the fact that I can run non-stop for over 3 miles is amazing to me, and I was really proud of myself!  I was tired, it was hot, and I still kept going.  It's funny how I simultaneously hate running and love it.   My friends did the 10k and they are so fast!

I have been challenged to the 10k next year, and I don't know how I feel about that.  I'd kinda just like to run a 5k with good time someday.  But a 10k might be fun.  They are planning on the 1/2 marathon next time!!!
This is the only picture I have, and it's blurry, because my camera is stupid.

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