Sunday, April 29, 2012


For Easter, we had friends over (Kraus family) and made these churches with three stained glass windows and a no flame tea light inside.

For family night, we tried to make taffy.  The first batch we cooked too long, so you couldn't pull it.  It was too hard.  The second batch we didn't cook as long, but still too long, so we pulled it, but it hardened too much as well.  Will we try again?  I don't know... Pat had a habit of trying to pull it before it was cool enough to touch and burned his hands pretty badly.  Everyone thought it tasted so good though!

Taffy.  Or the pink slime in your meat.  Who can tell?

Friends from our home school group, came over and gave us their old swingset since they are moving.  We have a swingset, but we gladly accepted this one, since it had a kind of play house at the top, and we've been trying to build one for years for the kids.
The kids built this "treehouse" all on their own.  I checked it out, and they actually did a good job.  It is pretty sturdy, though it doesn't look it. 

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