Sunday, April 1, 2012

Love Conference

I feel so grateful that twice a year we get to have General Conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I'm so thankful for the beautiful music and messages that are so uplifting.  They give me direction and remind me of the purpose of life.  Thank you Heavenly Father, for making it possible.  I thank thee oh God for a Prophet! 
Salt Lake City Temple

First Presidency

Full-time missionaries singing.
I recently found out that another sister in the ward (Stacey), my age, and I are related.  We have the same ancestor, and she knows so much about the family and goes to the family reunions, and told me of the volumes of information available.  It was so neat, because I know very little about my family history.  Our ancestors were actually brothers and very close to the Prophet Joseph Smith.  In fact they were with him in the jail, would stay at his home until 2am dancing with their wives, and we are mentioned in the scriptures.  She is very knowledgeable about our family and I can only wonder at God's amazing way of bringing people together.  She told me things that I didn't know, that brought tears to both our eyes.  I am so excited to do family history work, and have been for years, but I always wait for one reason or another.  However, Sister Dalton, the General Young Women's President, came to visit us in Albuquerque recently and encouraged us strongly to have the Young Women find their ancestors.  Many great blessings of strength and protection from the adversary are promised to those who do.  I truly know that those who have passed on are still there, and very much alive, and very interested in their posterity.  The gospel of Jesus Christ is true.  He lives and one day we will see our family and loved ones again.

I am about to earn my Young Women's medallion, which is an award that is earned by the girls 12-18 over years (but I get to do it because I am one of their leaders), and involves developing many different skills, and testimony.  One of the requirements for the young women is to read or re-read the Book of Mormon.  I have one week to finish it left before my appointment with the Bishop!  I want who ever reads this to know that I know, without a doubt, that the Book of Mormon is true.  The more I learn about history, study the Bible and other scriptures, and learn in life the more I see that everything is one eternal round.

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