Friday, May 4, 2012

Almost Summertime!

I realize I am behind in a bunch of stuff blog-wise.   It's hard to get even 1/100th of all that we do down in this blog/journal.  I recently went to a wonderful conference for women put on by our church, and it had different classes we could choose from for our benefit and learning.  One of the classes I went to was titled, "I Am Only So Amazing".  It was funny because the teacher held up a huge cupcake pan and talked about how guys brains are in one cup at a time, or one topic.  Then she held up a flat pizza pan and said, whereas WOMEN are all over EVERYTHING all the time!  I laughed and thought that was pretty accurate.  As you can tell from my blogs, nothing is orderly, it's always a mix of everything and anything that pops into my head.

Right now it's that we only have one week left of school!  And we're mostly finished with everything already!  We did double work for a couple weeks to be done two weeks early since I've got girls camp at the end of May!

We've had a great year, and now we're thinking hard about what to do next year.  My kids are all enrolled in a new charter school that's opening up here, and though it sounds really neat, and will be starting this fall, the building isn't built, the teachers are not hired, and I've not met who they've hired as principal as yet.  So even though I agree with their educational philosophy, a lot remains to be seen, before I know if I'll actually send them there.  Actually, starting a new school is bound to be rocky no matter what, so rather than saying a lot remains to be seen, I should say, I don't have time to pray about it until after girls camp is over.  So a lot remains to be felt.  For now, the kids and I made a pro's and con's list on the board that is really long for both options of schooling.  We'll see what happens!  One of my biggest concerns is actually gas money.  It's about 20 minutes from my home with no buses, and carpooling would be hard to figure out where I live way out here. Pat and I figured it out at today's gas prices, and it would be $1,400 for the school year just in gas.   Yikes!  Plus add to that packing lunches rather than eating leftovers, and that Leia and I would be as free as the wind to go wherever we wanted after we dropped them off at school, and I can see this adding up :)

I called Pat at work three times in one day recently about little things I wanted his opinion on.  He's always got this tone in his voice that says, hurry up, I don't have time to talk to you.  So I was feeling a bit offended, and when he got home, I said, Hey what's up with you!  Got no time to talk to me?  Got to treat me like that?!?
That's when he explained that all day he was examining millions of stars looking for a dark space with no stars to point the satellite, but the star charts were all written in binary or some computer language, and it was all very mathematical and precise.  So he didn't want to lose his spot when I called.

Oh.  Well fine.  I'll just swallow anything I was going to say about my difficult day, and go humbly make your dinner.

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Pat said...

Ha...I actually wasn't examining that many stars personally, I was writing a program to do it for me. Much easier and faster that way!