Saturday, May 19, 2012

Leia is sick again.  If you visit here a lot, you'll be familiar with that story.  Sometimes I just want to move, to see if we are still always getting sick living somewhere else.  It seems no other families get as sick as we do.  However currently, she might be feeling awful after eating all the rest of my gum.  She's been sneaking into my purse, and this is what I found. 
A couple days later she ate almost a whole 'nother pack.  I am worried, and will be, of course, hiding the gum.  But maybe her slight fever has nothing to do with it... who knows?

Pizza night.  I made ham and mushrooms- Pat's fav.  Pepperoni and cheese-boys fav.  And chicken alfredo with green onions and tomatos-my fav.

I love my Mother's Day flowers!

Church activity where our bishop showed us how to make an horno.  (Outside oven made out of mud and adobe.)
Today, we finally finished putting the swingset together, and got the roof on thanks to our home teacher.  And we cleaned out the garage so I could get to things in preparation for girls camp.  The boys found a lot of their old toys.  I love this farm set- but it is so tiny, it's not allowed in the house.  Luckily, the boys were just fine playing outside.

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Christy said...

The flowers wer beautiful. How fun learning how to make the fire pit thing and I know what you mean about small toys. They aren't allowed at our house either. I cna't stand steping on legos! Sounds like you had a busy weekend. I cna't wait to see pictures of the finished swing set!