Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Not my baby, but as you can see, cheese has been used to bribe babies before.
Evan came into the house with what has become a common complaint recently.  He can't get Leia to come inside.  I sympathize with him, because even if I go try to bring her in, no amount of pleading works and eventually you have to haul her inside as she screams loud enough to wake the neighborhood.

The last time Evan tried I found him dragging her over rocks, and it wasn't pretty.  She wasn't hurt, just screaming because she didn't want to come inside.  Evan was the one crying.  The boys know that they can't all come inside and leave her outside alone, so the last one has to bring her in, and it is so hard for them!  This girl loves being outside.

I started heading out to help him, but before I could go get her, he said, "Wait, mom, I have an idea!", and he went to the fridge and got out the cheese.

She was inside in a snap, and Evan very proudly told me that he gave her little bits while slowly backing up toward the house until he got her inside!  He made me laugh.  Clever Evan.

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