Monday, May 21, 2012

Solar Eclipse

We were fortunate in Albuquerque New Mexico to have the best view of the eclipse last night.  We hiked up to the crest on top of the Sandia Mountains with friends and with hundreds of others intent on getting a great view of the eclipse!  It was one of the neatest things I've ever seen.  I'll load our pictures soon.  We bought some cheap viewing glasses that looked like the paper 3D glasses so we could watch the sun, and the K's made some out of old floppy disks, and others had welders glass.  Each worked wonderfully and each made the sun a different color from greenish yellow, to orange, to bright red, to green. 
We parked a ways down the highway and walked up to begin the hike.

Lovely day.

Our destination- the stone house at the edge of the crest of the Sandia Mountains overlooking Albuquerque.  Here's our party climbing up on the roof in order to get yelled at 5 minutes later to get off the roof.

We packed a dinner.  Ours was breakfast burritos wrapped in foil to keep warm.

Playing war or something with swords and bows and arrows.
I'm pretty sure that all the people lining the crest were annoyed at our noisy party.  But they bore it well.  There were 5 parents and 13 kids eleven and under.  Crazy!

There were two hang gliders who kept swooping down right upon us.  It was sooo neat!  But I don't understand how they ever land!  Here's one flying right next to us, and high above Albuquerque.

This one kept coming so close to the stone house you felt like you could almost touch him!

T has a floppy disk taped into a cardboard frame that he's looking through.  Sam's using the glasses.

There were a lot of people stretched out for about a mile along the edge.  Would have talked to some of them, but I was concerned with making sure none of us went off the edge.

Evan looking through a homemade viewer.

Leia and her friend J inside the stone house.  They are closer in age, but Evan and J kept calling each other 'my buddy'.

Me and D.


Christy said...

Very cool solar eclipse. How fun. You do such amazing things with your family. I love reading your blog. Just so you know, I do read it, even if I don't always comment!! Thanks for the updates!

Karisa said...

Same here Christy! You and I blog like a journal. And I love your blog too! I don't expect anyone to comment on every journal entry of mine. But it's nice to get a note now and then! Thanks so much!

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh you guys took me to that stone house!

Karisa said...

Aaaghh!! We took Unknown to the stone house!