Sunday, May 13, 2012

A very happy Mother's Day!

My lovely kiddos worked REALLY hard, and spent a lot of their own money to buy me some Mother's Day gifts. I would have just been happy if they'd brushed my hair (which they did give me coupons for) but they were so excited to make Mother's Day special for me.  I felt pampered and it was really sweet of them!
Evan said, "I'm going to go over and stand by the plant."  Okay...............?

I'll never tell them that these were meant for a grave.

Look at this!  They bought me ponytails, made me bracelets, bought me gum, an earring/necklace combo and more ponytails!  They know I can never find any!  They did all of this secretly and on their own, and I was very surprised!  And Pat got me that lovely bouquet of flowers about 3 days earlier when I was feeling very low.

They even got their sister Leia to work on it with them!
I was so happy today.  We just had a great weekend and at church all the children sang and we had the most wonderful talks and lessons!  The Woodards, who are Leia's nursery teachers, did such a wonderful job speaking, that I was laughing and had tears streaming down my cheeks.  Bless them for helping us all to appreciate our mothers, and to know that none of us mothers are perfect, but if we do our best, Christ makes up the difference with the atonement.

And I'm so thankful for my little family who treat me so well!   

This week, I learned again how important relationships and communication are.  For me it's the difference between crazy and sane.  We need our husbands, parents, sisters and brothers, friends...

I feel that my momentary lapses in sanity have to do with hormones too, since they happen like clockwork each month.   The same time each month, I picture myself leaving with my kids and walking over the mountain like in the Sound of Music when the family escaped from the Nazis at the end.  Why it is that we can't drive, I don't know.  Why it is that Pat is not allowed to come?  Because he watches too much baseball, and it drives me crazy.  Then on top of everything, I get sick, and ALSO really stressed out about my callings, and can't sleep all night, and finally at 4:30am I'm tired of staring at him while he's sleeping, and I wake him up just to cry and yell at him, and what does he do?  Behaves perfectly calm, and massages my hands and feet with lotion, and brushes my hair and lets me talk to him about everything that was stressing me out (which was what I needed in the first place, but there was too much baseball), and I can finally sleep.

The lesson in me telling you this is that I'm not crazy, and baseball is the devil.  Oh, and I am wonderfully blessed with an awesome husband.


Sarah said...

I just wanted to tell you that you are A to the wesome. And I love you! Your blog makes me smile really big.

Karisa said...

You just made my day! Thanks Sarah!