Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ward Campout!

We had such a fun weekend camping with our church fam!  I was sick, and it was cold and rainy the whole time and I still had a blast! Now that's sayin' something.  I would have stayed home, but Pat was in charge of it so he had to be there, and there's no way our kids would have stayed home with me- they were too excited- and there was no way I was going let Pat be in charge of watching them near the river while organizing everything for the camp out.  Too much for one person alone.  So acamping we went!  There were about 60-70 people there all together.

It was very educational.  We learned that Leia hates sleeping in a tent, so she decided to scream until about 2am.  She didn't care that quiet time was at 10pm.  Then you'd think that our fellow ward members would finally get some rest, but apparently I was sawing logs so loud that people were commenting on it, and Pat said I was out so hard that no amount of jabbing me could make me stop or roll over.  He took the fall though, and told everyone that it was him snoring.  That might have been hard to believe since the snoring continued after he left the tent at 6am to go cook breakfast, but I'll hope they bought it.  And I appreciated him saying that because I do not snore!!  I just happened to be sick, and exhausted from dealing with Princess Screams-a-lot.
Sam and Tyler

Leia and her friend Jacob.

Everyone loved the bridge and the beautiful cliffs on the other side of the bridge.  There were some ruins and you could hike to the top of the cliffs, but we'll save that for the next time.  This visit, everyone was content to throw rocks off the bridge all at the same time, and that was good enough for me.

The river was very swift and cold!  Pat ferried kids that wanted to go across back and forth.  Below, Sam, Levi, Trevor, and Casey are singing 'Ring around the Rosis' and at the end they have to sit in the water, and they all screamed their heads off.
Larry and Dannon

I love this family.  Is not Claudia a brave woman to bring all these little ones on a campout? 

Since it was Mother's Day weekend, the men got up early in the morning to make breakfast.

Dallas and Casey.
Leslie and Carrie.

All the silly kids.

I love the Romero's and the Woodards!

Hanging our tent and sleeping bags up to dry back at home.  We got wet!!!!!!!!!  But it was a great end of the school year celebration for us!

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