Monday, May 7, 2012

Ding dong the witch is dead!  The witch old witch!  The wicked witch!
Dorothy, take the magic slippers!

Okay, this is actually Leia doing one of her superb jobs of "hiding".

I just taught my last English lesson of the year today!  Other than that, we're getting fat around here.   Food tests and trials to get ready for girls camp.   Four desserts just this week.  It's only Monday! Ughhh!  I need to go run 30 miles.

Evan sick.  He curled up on this chair and fell asleep with his head covered.  When Pat found him, he uncovered his face, and Evan just kept saying how cold it was, and then fell asleep again.  Poor guy.

Leia loves to swing.  Yep, she can swing with the big boys.

She is always begging to go outside.  She says "Ous!" and when I ask if she wants to go outside she says "Es, es, es!"
Pat just gave her a big push.  Happy smile. 
She can accessorize too.  Two of my headbands around her waist.

Swingset adventures.  They chain their swings together and swing that way sometimes, and today it was an old hose that made their swingset into an obstacle course.  We got a great deal on this swingset a year ago, and it could possibly be the best homeschool expense ever made.  Math, schmaf.

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