Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Birthday/Father's Day!

Evan, my baby boy, is waaaaaaaaaaaaay too big!!!  He recently turned six!!  I love this guy!

Evan and Dallas being silly.
Notice this is a Costco cake.  (Mom didn't have time to make a cake this year.)  But Evan picked it out.  All it said on it was DAD so I told Pat to have them add Happy Birthday on top.  I should have told him to add 'Happy Birthday Evan'.    Now it just says 'Happy Birthday DAD' and it's not Pat's birthday nor does he play golf.  Birthday cake fail.  Sorry Evan- I owe you a Lego Star Wars cake!
His brothers got him a Lego Star Wars set, and we got him new shoes and Binoculars.  It took him two days to learn to say that word!

Some things about our Evan.  On his birthday I got out his baby book and said we're going to take a trip down memory lane.  So we looked at all the pictures of him in my tummy and then him as a baby etc.  He and Sam were being so silly I had to yell repeatedly for him to come back and sit down.   "We're taking a trip down memory lane!!!", I yelled.  Then they sat next to me and laughed their heads off at every naked baby picture.  Evan and Sam are too silly together.  Sometimes they laugh until they are quietly shaking.  Recently Evan had to do a talk in primary.  He got up and did a great job.  He is an EXCELLENT reader.  However, the following week they gave him a scripture.  He didn't hide his lack of enthusiasm when the primary president assigned it to him.  You would think reading a scripture would be much easier right?  But he refused.  No way was he going to read a scripture in primary! What a weirdo.
Right now he is in swim lessons and having a hard time of it.  He mostly sits outside of the pool or clings to the side.  We'll see as the summer goes on if he gets any better.  Swimming is another thing he's determined not to do.  That and riding a bike.  I'm pretty sure that by next year all these issues will resolve themselves... he's just at an age where he's still a bit afraid.  Sam used to be super afraid, but we just waited and this year he's determined to best everyone.

Evan does great at practicing his piano, and loves playing in forts and made his own bow and arrow.  He has the best laugh!

(Girls camp food in the background.)

Evan has longish curly-ish hair right now and I love it.  He gets himself dressed everyday including Sundays and does a great job.  He even gets his teeth super white and combs his hair!  He looks sharp! But he also has a style all his own:

Evan and one of his "sandwiches".
 One of my favorite things about Evan is that he's an adventurous eater.  He'll try most anything and likes it.  (Although he is the one with the weird things he eats too.)  His favorite show (and all of ours) is the Avatar.  Right now there's a new one The Legend of Korra.  We love it!!!  His favorite toy is Lego's and he builds his own ships all the time.  He loves video games, and is starting to like dancing to Michael Jackson too.   He's always fun for his brothers and sister to play with.  He talks a lot, but when he's shy or doesn't know what to say, he'll still look at you and smile showing his three dimples.  He likes to spank me and his dad on our bumber (that's what he calls it) if he feels silly.  He's really quite a lunatic he acts so crazy sometimes.  But he's also got a very careful and thoughtful side, and he takes really good care of Leia- though they do fight at times.  He does all his own chores and that includes feeding and watering chickens and some of the cutest times are when he comes inside with a shirt full of eggs.  Then he carefully puts them all in the fridge.  There is something really special about Evan.  Words can't express how much I love him!  (Or any of my wonderful kids.)

Post script: We didn't leave Pat out for Father's Day.  I don't have any pictures since it was Sunday morning and those are always hectic... but we made a list of things we like about our dad and then bought things to go along with it.  For example: He helps us get in bed/pajama pants.  Or he gives me piggy back rides/Pass the pigs game.
Fixes car, works in the yard, helps around the house, ties our ties, is good at camping, etc.  We filled a whole basket!  And because of my calling we made and passed out a little gift to all the fathers at church too.  And the kids sang to all the dads.  In Leia's class they gave candy to the dads too!

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Christy said...

Evan has a GREAT smile!! He is adorable. Your kids are so cute! Thanks for sharing.